Sunday, February 5, 2012

Friday v. Saturday

Jordan, Dave and Beth

Susan, Carlie and Javier

Friday night we went to Carlie's last basketball game, which was parents night. Then we went to the Wild Horse for some dinner with Susan and Javier and Beth and Dave and Sherry. Lots of fun. Friends Ken and Mike debuted playing guitar and piano and singing, really a sing-a-long. It was very fun, they are great entertainers. An excellent evening.

On Saturday, it was colder and rainy. Denny and Debra hosted a wonderful potluck with brisket that had cooked for 15 hours, it was excellent and fun. A large group was going to the VFW after to listen to a small band. We were offered a ride to our very last visit to the VFW. It was very loud (think deaf old people), cold and crowded. After a hour and a half the band started to play, (think unheard of, old, slow country songs). I was seriously planning on walking home to escape. Too bad I forgot my purse for taxi fare. Talk about being held hostage. Plus I was exhausted. Finally, we were offered a truck to use and we escaped. Shower and bed, I slept 9 hours last night, it was cold and rainy, so I really, really was tired! Not going anywhere today.

I sure hope the van gets fixed this week. The new computer is in, but the garage's internet is down so he can't find what he needs to know online. Sigh. Into week 5....

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