Thursday, February 2, 2012

Into February

Our 43rd wedding anniversary on Jan. 25. Had dinner at Roosevelt's at the Tarpon Inn.
Kathleen Moore painted this beautiful beach mural on Susan's kitchen walls, her dad has been working in the kitchen and this is a beautiful addition.
Kathleen is amazing, she did the whole thing in less than 6 hours
In the corner of the kitchen she painted the lighthouse on St. Joseph's Island, across the channel, in the actual spot it is in. Just no window there.
Cool bird, some kind of hawk, tearing up a fish and flying pieces back to the nest.
We have rented a small condo for next year, got very lucky and have a view of the ocean and waves, mostly invisible in the fog on this day.
We have 1 bedroom and bath, a new kitchen with granite and lots of storage, very well stocked with equipment. The owner remodeled it last year and did this mosaic himself. It is second floor and has a nice private deck facing the ocean.

Not many pictures this month, we've been busy. Our van stopped running on Jan. 7, it is now into the 4th week of broken, we are having it "fixed" on the island. The security cut off the gas to the engine, a new computer is said to be installed, waiting for programing. I so miss trips to Corpus Christi, being able to drive to town in the rain, etc. We have had Susan's open Jeep to use, as she is not able to drive yet after surgery. BTW she has mostly recovered from surgery and is cancer free! We have been cooking and taking meals over to help out.

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