Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Otis and Twenty

Otis and Twenty, friends in Port A, sent this picture of them. They took the jetty boat to the North Jetty to go fishing. Looks like fishing was good. It is still very hot and dry there. The heat and humidity index has been 115 degrees.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

GTO Redo Progress - Picking out Paint

The top picture has a piece of car with the last paint on it, the right is a sample of the new paint that we chose.
This is the frame all ready to go.

Today we went to Kevin's shop and looked at two samples of paint, and while we were there the paint guy brought over another sample. One was too orangy, one was not dark enough, and the last one was just right. Deep maroon with lots of metal flake. Excellent. Paul held the sample up to the body, next to a hidden spot of original paint, and it was the same, only better.

The Hen House

We have been taking all our food scraps down to Priscilla and Bob's for the chickens. They come running when they hear the golf cart approaching. It is pretty fun to see them attacking the sweet corn, etc. They also have many new chicks. The white ones are fast growing fryers. They are the chicken equivalent of sumo wrestlers. There are a bunch of black ones that are good for Chinese food, dark feathers and dark meat are favored. And a few fuzzy black chickens and a turken or two, some quail, Guinna hens. The turken is the black one with a naked neck. The cutest is a red fluzzy one with a Mohawk. I will be working on getting good pics.

Cat Funeral

What a great summer for flowers!

Steff's fat cat, Buster, died on Monday and she and Tyson came home to bury him in the woods out back. In the cat graveyard. Then Tyson crawled under the motor home to do some stuff for Paul, then they hit golf balls, then we all ate steak. A typical cat funeral day .... Plus Paul and I nagging on Steff not to get any more cats, Layla will love being the only kitty.

A few more pics of Julia and Charlie. We had a good week with them. The weather was rainy and cool but they don't care. They did get in the lake and played in the sand, with Ryan and Paul and no pics of that.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Charlie and Julia Visit

Andrea, Ryan, Charlie and Julia are here for five days. Apparently it will be five rainy days. What are the odds? It never rains in July. This is the year of never apparently. They played in puddles on Wednesday.

Monday, July 20, 2009


We have pig roast pics, then Ingred and Mike.
The smokey camp fire.

We had a good weekend camping out at Mike and Ingred's spread. It would have been great if it hadn't been cold and rainy and windy. So tired of smoke and ash all over me. The food was great, and all the guests were very, very nice.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Four Day Party

Right above is Mike, the hard working host of this party.

Next we have the run of the mill drunk and dog dancing shot.

Then old guys playing guitar and mandolin singing around the campfire.

Paul is in the pic of the horse drawn carriage. They go around the lake.

Last night I counted 13 dogs. No little yappy ass dogs, big horse poop eating dogs. Two black labs, three yellow lab types, two Irish Setters, two boxers, a shepherd, a large Jack Russel type, and one smaller dog, up from Florida of course. Reminds me of Texas a lot. Friendly folks and lots of dogs.

Karaoki lasted until midnight. It got pretty cold out and I was tired so I just listened from my bed.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Red Neck Alert

We are going to a huge camping party this weekend in north Clare County. We took our rig out last night. Paul has a golf tournament today so we couldn't stay and are going back tonight. Tonight is karaoki. The area is very red neck, almost scary, but the folks at the party are very nice. I think they are cultural red necks, they are just born that way. The weather is going to be cool and rainy. boo ... I should be able to get online and will have pics! Stay tuned.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Camp fire by the lake

Last night was a beautiful evening for a camp fire by the lake. Picture below is Roger, Mike and Paul. To the right is Jim, Elayne and Jen. Cindy and Randy got here after the picture portion of the evening.

Our weather has been beautiful, sunny and in the low to mid 80s and into the high 40s at night, and dry. Paul and I stayed out around the fire, he until after midnight.

Friday, July 10, 2009

John's Red Neck Pontoon Boat

John lives across the lake and owns a garage in Rosebush. And yes, he is a former student of Paul's. Being a handy guy he took his old pontoon boat, added two feet to each side of the boat and an extra pontoon on each side. He made it a paddle wheel using a 5 HP gas engine. It is quiet and moves right along. He added a second level, a large curving slide from a swimming poor. There is a diving board on one side and a pirate flag! He has a gas grill for grilling and heat on cool evenings. It is usually crowded with teen age boys jumping into the lake.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

July Blooms

This cool summer has been great for my flower gardens. The blooms last forever.

Monday, July 6, 2009

GTO Redo - 1964

This is the front of the GTO, minus the engine and a few other parts. Below is a side shot, on the driver's side, see the steering wheel. Kevin had to weld in some floor pans, they were all rusted out. We were a few good bumps away from being a Flintstone car. The bottom pic is from the passenger side looking to the back seat.

Jerry's New Camp

My brother, Jerry, who lives in Marquette, in the UP of Michigan, has been working on this new hunt camp for a few years. Dave got ONE picture of it. But glad to see it. He said that Maxine has been decorating and doing some natural landscaping, so I know it looks great. She is very talented.

Catch up Blog for June

This is Steff, our baby girl, with our sister Val, and Steff's friend, Tyson. Steff sold a lot of scrapbooking stuff. She is getting out of that and doing more greeting cards, etc.

My brother, Dave, sent me some pics from when he visited us from Arizona. My camera is still acting up. I put in batteries, get maybe one pic, and they are dead. It is 7.5 years old, ancient for a digital. Time to research and get another one. So we have some yard sale pics.