Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bob Seger's mustang, the first new car he ever bought.

This guy was parked next to Roger and had this awsome El Camino. A very happy judge is talking to him about it.

Paul and the lady who owns this car, it has 6,900 miles on it.

Paul, car owner, me

Saturday was dreary but it didn't rain. Keep the temperature nice. This mustang was a featured car at the show.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

35th St. Ignace Car Show

Is the most rainy show ever!! At least it isn't windy, that would cap it, wet, 60s temps and wind is way too much misery. We are having a lot of fun with friends, met some new ones, eating a lot of fresh white fish and lake perch. Ribs at the Keyhole Bar in Mackinaw City. Last night we had a late dinner with Ken, Kay and grandson, my Pasty almost did me in. Was tasty. A tasty gut bomb. If the sun shines just a little I will get some car pics today.

I so miss the motor home, we drove up in the GTO and Paul can't drive them both! I could drive the motor home, but not over the Mackinaw Bridge, way too scary. So much nicer to have our "home" with us then to stay in a hotel and eat out every meal. After a day it ceases to be a treat.

Hopefully, pics later. Going home today!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pictures from Adam's Wedding

Found these on facebook

The Week in Pictures

Bev, Paul and Roger on the cottage front porch. She loved the lake.

Thursday night at the Pixi car show in Mt. P. It was very hot and sunny.

Roger and Bev in his 1987 Corvette


Roger and Bev drove down for the weekend at the lake. Friday we went to his son, Chris's house near Shepherd, he adjusted the linkage on the GTO, and then we went to the Shepherd Bar for dinner. Fish Fry night, of course. Very good as usual. On the way home, the exhaust pipe fell off the Corvette. Roger used the strap from Bev's purse and his belt to fix it enough to get back at the lake. He and Paul got parts on Saturday morning, and we eventually took a scenic drive up to the Eagles Club in Cadillac. Ate lunch there, headed back for a swim in the lake. We took back roads, hills, huge farms and fields, very beautiful. The fields of flowers in bloom smelled wonderful. One time I could smell bean plants, reminded me of Mom's garden when I was little.

Ken G and neighbor Brenda visited and ate with us Saturday night, pork with soppin' sauce and ranch beans. Lots of fun, followed by a short camp fire. They left at noon on Sunday, to see a play that one of the kids was in, in Mt. P.

Then Steff, who was in town for her 10th class reunion came up for a visit. She invited us to dinner at Maxfield's for Father's Day. The food was excellent, great chicken. By 4 we were floating in the lake again.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

On The Road Again ... kind of

Friday night we drove down to Shepherd to pick up the GTO from Chris. He had done some transmission work and some fine tuning. After a frame off restoration there are technical difficulties to straighten out. We got home about 9:30 with no problems.

Saturday, Paul had to pick up his leaf blower at the Harrison Fairgrounds Flea Market, he had some warranty work done on it. ???? Weirdly, the guy did warranty work and sold teddy bears. As we go to leave, the car won't start. Planned to go to Houghton Lake to see Sandy and Rick at their local car show, he won second place with his pickup. Anyway, he looks at the carburetor, buys a gas can, buys some gas, pours a bit into the carb, does not start. Finally, the battery died and he called the road service company. A very nice guy with a big truck comes to help, pours in gas, jumps the battery. Nothing helps. His son drives up, and we end up with the car on the truck, and he drove us home. Today, Kevin and Joe, car magicians, are making a house call.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just Beachy


Charlie, Julia and Grandpa Paul

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Adam and Angie's Wedding

Marjie and Paul

Richard, Marisa, Sue

Marjie and Steff

Mark and Katie

Had a great time at the wedding visiting with family. I didn't get any pics of the bride and groom but should be able to get some soon.