Sunday, June 13, 2010

On The Road Again ... kind of

Friday night we drove down to Shepherd to pick up the GTO from Chris. He had done some transmission work and some fine tuning. After a frame off restoration there are technical difficulties to straighten out. We got home about 9:30 with no problems.

Saturday, Paul had to pick up his leaf blower at the Harrison Fairgrounds Flea Market, he had some warranty work done on it. ???? Weirdly, the guy did warranty work and sold teddy bears. As we go to leave, the car won't start. Planned to go to Houghton Lake to see Sandy and Rick at their local car show, he won second place with his pickup. Anyway, he looks at the carburetor, buys a gas can, buys some gas, pours a bit into the carb, does not start. Finally, the battery died and he called the road service company. A very nice guy with a big truck comes to help, pours in gas, jumps the battery. Nothing helps. His son drives up, and we end up with the car on the truck, and he drove us home. Today, Kevin and Joe, car magicians, are making a house call.

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