Monday, July 30, 2012

Eight Grands at Boyne!

The great ski hill climb. Megan, Julie, Andrea, Charlie and Patrick. Megan was first!

Lane and Elli learn how to twang the door stops

Nine consecutive days of darling grands and their adorable parents. I am a little behind in my chores but we had a great time. Katie, Mark and Lane arrived first, on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday we all drove up to Boyne, and met Andrea and Ryan and Charlie, Julia and Elli. Soon Mary, Dennis, Adam and Angie arrived, my sister and family. We settled into condos. Julie and Megan, Anna, Patrick and Emily got there on Tuesday afternoon.

Most of my photos are on my phone and I am studying how to put them on my computer, quick and easy.

We had a wonderful afternoon at the beach on Lake Charlevoix, great dinners at Red Mesa, a mother daughter lunch at Sante', and the Dunn's and Keenan's loved the water park. Had some rain and some sunburn.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Party in the Hood - Boyles

What is this all about?
Tony was coming out the door with the bar b q sauce, thought the kids were holding it open for him. Not, it slammed into the sauce, which flew all over him.
Amanda injoyed the mess
So did said kids
Yes a real mess
Family gathering
Water sports

Pete, Paul and Brenda
Ellery and Amanda