Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Cuties

Sometimes you just have to show off the grands. Julia and Charlie.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Roma Does It Again

She takes the cake, that is. Sheryl got married in Port Aransas this weekend and Roma made another beautiful cake. Roma's cakes also taste great. Remember the carrot cake? It is her recipe. Roma is on the left, Jean, also from the park, in on her right.

Sunny Wednesday Afternoon

With all the rain we have been getting the creek is flowing along taking all the leaves to the lake.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Rainy Weekend Redo

Sunday we drove up to Houghton Lake Moose Club to meet Roger and Bev. We were going crazy from cabin fever. It was only 3 hours and Paul was tired after. Not quite back to normal yet. We played steak bingo. The bingo cards are three playing cards taped together, and they used a deck of cards to call out numbers. It only takes three to win. Roger, Bev and Paul are lucky folks, and Bev is the only one of us that won. The table next to us, of three older couples, won more than half the games, 11 steaks and two roasts. I kept thinking that I should go sit my myself so my back luck wouldn't rub off on them.

Yes, that was our big weekend. There was a half hour or so of sunshine on Sunday morning.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Look at that shine!!

On Thursday, Paul drove us down to Kevin's to see the paint on the GTO. His first time driving and the first time seeing the paint. I think it has 2 layers of primer, 4 layers of paint, and 3 of clear coat. It is magnificant.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Country Cookstove Bakery

One Saturday a few weeks back, Jean and John Villa took me to the new Amish bakery, it is at 8704 S. Eberhart Ave. in rural Clare. It had been a rainy week and the road was full of holes and mud and water. The bakery was delightful, however. Easily the best Amish bakery ever in this area. The father of the family does the baking, the wife and kids do the cookies, etc.

On weekends they make donuts for the tourists. Very excellent, fried and glazed. The bread is very good. Cinnamon buns are excellent, also pumpkin bread, granola, and our favorite the fry pies. This is a fruit filled turnover, the crust is not regular pie crust, and is glazed. It is almost the best part of it. We haven't tried the pies or the cashew crunch. It's on my list.

The bakery is a regular tour bus stop, they easily make $800 from one bus load. I have seen a bus at the Amish general store also. And I am sure they hit all the casinos on the way up north.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Steff's Birthday

Steff and Tyson stopped on their way up to Boyne Mt. on Sunday. It was a sunny day and warmer, almost got to 50 degrees. I invited John and Jean over for a birthday dinner for Steff.

Our friend of many years ago, Katie, used to roast a beef and pork roast together for a special meal. Since I had each in the freezer, that is what we had. The best part of this dish is the wonderful gravy. I made mashed potatoes with the red skins from my sister's garden, sweet potatoes, spinach salad with hot bacon dressing, and rolls. Somehow, it all turned out tasty and got done at the same time. I made her a red velvet cake and we sang very off key.

The pic is Monday's sunrise. The rest of the week is supposed to cloudy and rainy. Got to enjoy today and finish up my garden chores and get wood up for the fireplace this week.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Great Sunrise Over the Lake

Misty morning sunrise

Paint ready

Two weeks since Paul's new knee and he is down at Kevin's garage looking at the GTO. Kevin has been sanding and planning the painting.

Below is the dash board. It is dusty from the sanding but it is all redone and painted. Looks great.

The steering wheel is new also.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pass the Catch Up Please

On October 1, Thursday, Paul had his second total knee replacement. I picked him up (at Covenant in Saginaw) on Sunday, and he was walking great already! Now he is at home with his DVR and remote. He is walking around without his cane or walker, taking showers, doing lots of exercises.

On Sept. 29, we went to Kevin's to watch the guys start the engine. There were a few issues, but it did start. Sounded like testosterone once again. What a real GTO sounds like!