Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Country Cookstove Bakery

One Saturday a few weeks back, Jean and John Villa took me to the new Amish bakery, it is at 8704 S. Eberhart Ave. in rural Clare. It had been a rainy week and the road was full of holes and mud and water. The bakery was delightful, however. Easily the best Amish bakery ever in this area. The father of the family does the baking, the wife and kids do the cookies, etc.

On weekends they make donuts for the tourists. Very excellent, fried and glazed. The bread is very good. Cinnamon buns are excellent, also pumpkin bread, granola, and our favorite the fry pies. This is a fruit filled turnover, the crust is not regular pie crust, and is glazed. It is almost the best part of it. We haven't tried the pies or the cashew crunch. It's on my list.

The bakery is a regular tour bus stop, they easily make $800 from one bus load. I have seen a bus at the Amish general store also. And I am sure they hit all the casinos on the way up north.

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