Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Few More Pics from the Weekend

Emily, Ellie and Julie

Anna and baby Ellie. Don't anyone smile!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Notre Dame Weekend - Part One

Nana Sharon and Grandpa Paul take Emily to Lake Michigan

Anna, Kyra, Megan, then Megan Kyra and Anna. The beach was beautiful, full of treasures to discover that weekend.

Some how I took a few panoramic photos, kind of interesting. Anna, Megan and Kyra to the left and Grandpa Paul, Patrick and Pops Timer to the right.

Nana Sharon, our joint grand daughter Emily, Grandma Marjie, freezing out side the Notre Dame Bookstore. No one complained.

Julie holding Emily, Megan in front, at the pep rally at Irish Green.

Julie rented a big house at Beach Walk by Lake Michigan, and we gathered for the ND game. It had rained so we stood in water at the pep rally, I was very chilly. Sharon said my blood is thin from going to Texas every winter. Sounds about right.

Megan, Kyra, leprechaun and Anna after the rally

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Eagle Has Food

This is a picture of a cloud that has a white streak that looked like a water fall going down it Lots better to see it in person.

We got to Boyne Mountain on Friday with a couple of stops in handy nearby Eagle's Clubs. It was raining hard on the trip north, we had to stop at the Eagle's in Gaylord. Roger and Beverly were waiting there for us. Being Friday, they served an amazing fish dinner. Roger got the buffet and fed us all shrimp cocktail and mac and cheese. Paul got fried shrimp and Bev and I got cod. Roger ate Walleye, but could have any of the fish. Sadly, you can only eat so much fish.

Next, we went to the Boyne City Eagle's Club, it was very crowded. Finally, we went to the condos. On Saturday, Paul made a great breakfast, and we went to the Eagles in Boyne to watch the Michigan State/Michigan game. Bev and Roger brought snacks and the club had chicken wings and cake, and others brought food too. Wings were excellent. Around 1 pm, Steff and Tyson got there, and then their friends.

After that game, we drove up to Petosky to the Eagle's Club there, right on the bay. They were having a very loud party after the game, the DJ was deafening, but good music. And guess what? More great food. I was full of junk already, so I just had some veggies and dip, and a few bites of Paul's brat. It was good. The bay was very wild, six foot waves and the water flying way up in the air, beautiful with the shades of blue and white caps. Went back to the condo to watch the Tigers lose.

Oh,we threw away some money at the casino, and with pull cards, and raffle tickets. Not a very lucky weekend. I think some loser lotto tickets also. Pathetic.

Sunday, we had breakfast out, went to Petosky and shopped a little, went on to the Eagles Club in Indian River to watch the Lion's lose. Then to the Boyne River Inn for some wonderful white fish. The only luck this weekend went to a fisherman who caught a 10 pound steel head trout while we were eating dinner, overlooking the river. Then to the Eagle's Club in Boyne City again. By this time I was over my limit of time I can spend good naturedly in bars. I talked Bev out of that third shot of Jagermeister, we all said good by to our new best friend, Larry, and got home, safely.

Home again, home again, like a fat pig

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oh So Good To Be Home

With a side dish of the good and bad of camping in state parks.

We had a beautiful trip, the weather was perfect, spectacular views, warm sunny beaches. All the while my head is having a major sinus event. I did not whine or even mention it but by the weekend Sandie said "You look like you have sinus." Maybe I mentioned I was tired or something, might of whined a little. Paul had it too. But he takes beer for it as well as Sudifed. That is certainly cheating.

The straw that broke this particular camel's back was a not so innocent little campfire right next to our bedroom window. You know how irritating smoke can be to a scratchy throat, the heady combination of damp swamp wood and dry leaves put me over the edge. I wanna go home! Plus Paul was kept up by their trailer fan both nights we were there. My poor hearing is sometimes an advantage.

So I have segued right into the annoying parts of camping in state parks. The good part is the beautiful beaches, low prices, nice rangers, etc. Here's the thing, no f***ing cable, in Pentwater we couldn't even get a radio station to listen to the Tiger's games. Oddly, I had amazing internet service through my Alltel phone. But I would have to pay to hear or see the game. If I did that they would surely lose and I would feel guilty. We keep telling ourselves we certainty don't need to drag the direct tv dish along with us. We can survive camping without it. Can't we? It appears only for a limited time and not during playoffs or when the Lions are on a winning streak.

Another annoying thing about state parks is all the campfires, all day long, no matter how hot it is. There are always trees and hills to trap the smoke in. Why do folks escape the city to choke in a campground without tv? Stay home and save enough money to order pizza and watch tv, the air is cleaner.

And at times the other campers are unfriendly, you wave and say hi to the neighbors and they just look through you. We do love the millions of kids in the parks, fun to watch. The campsites are small and only have electric connections. Most campers have a trailer, a tent or two, two cars, six bikes and two dogs. Cheek to jowl all the way.

Monday, October 10, 2011


this glorious maple tree was at the state park entrance, this is at sunset

Snow fence is up already, with a drift of sand in front of it

Rick and Sandie

Pentwater is a charming little town on Lake Michigan. There is a lake and a channel to the big lake. Rustic cottages to huge family homes, the whole town is a picture post card. The park is close to town and it is a short walk to expensive little shops. We ate at the Antlers Bar on Sunday, very good food.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


These pictures were taken at Orchard Beach State Park near Manistee . It is on a high cliff over looking Lake Michigan.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sandy, Bandit and the Big Fish

Paul caught this salmon going up stream and Sandy was walking Bandit. Salmon make a motor boat sound with their tail in shallow water. He had to be really patient to catch this as fish are quite random.

Paul's Photos at Silver Lake

Paul is going to become our main photographer in this family, he has a good eye and frames shots nicely.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Beautiful Beach Day

Sandie's Happy Birthday

Went to Portage Point Park again today, with Rick and Sandy. Sky and lake were a gorgeous tropical blue, lake was smooth and flat, sun was warm and the beach was totally empty.
Holiday Park and Campground on Silver Lake south of Traverse City, large lots, nice landscaping.  We were on the terraced bank overlooking the lake, with great views.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Camping in Northern Michigan

Three to four foot long salmon going up stream.  They are captured in  holding pond and sold for food and also cat food. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Long, Long Week

So my week was moving along well, Monday we went to GR and saw a house with Steff, then Artprize, a long and tiring day.

Tuesday I was in the cleaning groove, organizing the back office room when Paul got a phone call, it  was Larry, they were up north and would be here in 8 hours.  Eight pm.  And being a man he didn't ask if they will eat with us, not that much was planned, so we decided to grill hot dogs and we would have them to warm up.  I just had no other thought, if you make a big meal, they would have already eaten,  I would !   

This story is getting too long .... anyway put all the junk in the back room, clean the house, Paul cleaned the cottage and vacuumed spiders and made a bed.  Took heaters over as it was damp and cold.  They come, eat hot dogs and talk and we drop into bed.  Go out for lunch the next day and Pam and I shop and Paul and Larry do manly visiting.  Doing good, Pam is happy and we are having fun.  Start feeling tired and weird on the way home.  Oh joy, go to bed, have the flu. 

They grill steaks and have a great dinner, the next morning I sit and visit from afar, they leave about 1.  A good visit.  I am tired and not getting much of anything done. It is Friday, Paul goes to deer camp, I get some food, sleep badly, and have to get up early Saturday morning.   

Lisha went to the work at 8 am to try to fix my hair color before we leave for the wedding at 10, when Roger and Beav pick us up to drive to   Battle Creek, where Roger's family lives.  Paul thought my hair was red and I admit, it was not my regular, or a good color.   She bleached my hair, it is much more normal looking.

So, a long day of nervous friends, good cake, with Roger's very Southern Baptist, non drinking family.  Lovely people, his 80 year old brother in law, a retired minister, married them and we stood up with them.  Bev and I wore slacks because she didn't want his sisters to see her tattoos.  It is always fun to see other families dysfunction.   Normal does not exist.  Just shades of weird.   Just to be clear, I am very fond of the Weekley family, the minister is amazing and not a wimpy guy, it is easy to see how he became so successful.  His sisters and brother were so happy to see Roger get married, and save his poor abused sole.   Very cool.  Amazing cake.

So we leave with a side trip to his sister and minister's condo on a lake.  Very Victorian with stuff everywhere.  After we left I told Roger that his sister lives in a bordello.   Headed for a nearby Eagle's club  Got free drinks, it was rowdy in there!  Bev almost danced on the table   and it is a good thing no one found a good song on the juke box for a lap dance.  Apparently we needed more than cake to eat.  Bev and I only had one drink.  I blame the cake.

Got home at 10 with Paul driving and Roger snoring in the back seat.  Did I mention he was nervous?  They stayed in the cottage, a clear stary night in the 30s, great sleeping.

Now on Monday, we have 3 appointments between us, and the house is still tore and laundry is not done, and we want to leave for camping up north asap on Monday afternoon.   Meeting friends someplace and gone as long as the sun shines.  Take lots of underwear.