Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Notre Dame Weekend - Part One

Nana Sharon and Grandpa Paul take Emily to Lake Michigan

Anna, Kyra, Megan, then Megan Kyra and Anna. The beach was beautiful, full of treasures to discover that weekend.

Some how I took a few panoramic photos, kind of interesting. Anna, Megan and Kyra to the left and Grandpa Paul, Patrick and Pops Timer to the right.

Nana Sharon, our joint grand daughter Emily, Grandma Marjie, freezing out side the Notre Dame Bookstore. No one complained.

Julie holding Emily, Megan in front, at the pep rally at Irish Green.

Julie rented a big house at Beach Walk by Lake Michigan, and we gathered for the ND game. It had rained so we stood in water at the pep rally, I was very chilly. Sharon said my blood is thin from going to Texas every winter. Sounds about right.

Megan, Kyra, leprechaun and Anna after the rally

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