Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dunmaglas Golf Course Is the best!

Paul and I played Dunmaglas again today. After 4 pm you can play 18 holes for $20, including cart. We played best ball so my arms didn't fall off. This course is so nice that I would get confused when I was driving the cart, the fairway was as nice as the greens on most courses. Am sure I broke several golf cart rules. It is very beautiful and dramatic also. We only saw one other couple on the course. Paul says it is the best course he has ever played, and he has played quite a few.

Battery died on my camera so these are phone photos, not sure my camera would have shown the details any better. These were taken on a very long hole that is all downhill. Lots of smaller hills too, that had big crater like sand traps on top.

The bottom pic shows some of the trees turning. There were also colorful crab apple trees and Russian Olive shrubs, and deer and turkeys following us around. The deer were quite interested in us. Often crossing the fairway in front of us. One of my shots into the sand landed in a deer print.

Had dinner at the Boyne River Inn again. Paul had a huge hamburger, I had the Whitefish Almondine. It was good. The service there is always excellent.

Food Porn

I just added a link on my "places to go box," on the right side of the page, under the photos. It is for Beyond Salmon. I enjoy her writing, admire her recipes, but the souffle blog hooked me. This sentence in particular proves she has a good understanding of food: Chocolate soufflé is like those tight, low-cut dresses -- it's the cheapest trick in the food porn book.

How could I resist? Why would I?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We are so lazy

Spent the day exploring, went up to Petosky and sat in the park by the lake. Thought about taking a walk. Pretty much too lazy to make the effort. Then we moved farther up the lake and got out to watch the salmon moving up stream. Walked out on the jetty, or whatever it is. Came home and Paul grilled filet. Yum. Another pic for my grand kids. Anna told Julie that she wants Grandma Marjie to come and visit with her motor home. So she can go it in. Still, the kid has good taste! Speaking of which, stopped at a farm market and bought some wonderful tomatoes and Honey Crisp apples. They sure grow good food up here.
We stopped at Whitney's in Charlevoix again today. Had wonderful Bloody Mary's, they have a shrimp in them and a dill pickle. They are well known for their Prince Edward Island oysters. And some people were enjoying them a lot.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dunmaglas Golf Course

Today we golfed at Dunmaglas Golf Course, just south of Charlevoix. It is a championship course, and we are not champion golfers, but we had a lot of fun and it was beautiful. I did get a real par on one hole. It was sunny and high 70s or maybe 80 degrees. In the top photo you can see Lake Charlevoix and Lake Michigan. We got off the course at 4:30 and there was one car in the parking lot. Tough economy up here.

Adventures in Charlevoix

Basically, we did the same thing Sunday and Saturday. We drove up to Charlevoix, walked on the waterfront and watched the sailboats go through the bridge opening. Had beers at a bar both days. Sunday's bar was just across the bridge and we sat on the deck. Monday's bar was Whitney's just across from the City Marina. Which is very, very, nice. We are going back there for dinner today after playing golf. I need to edit yesterdays yacht info, that sailboat was more like 90 foot long. It was sitting near the marina and we did some comparisons.

Sunday night I was watching HGTV, the show on the nicest beach houses. The last, and best house was on Lake Charlevoix. We had spotted a possibility during a drive, Paul chatted up a local who knew the Petersons, and that was the house. Very nice. They are the gold standard for grandparents. They have 29 kids and grands. The girls bunk room has 6 beds, one for each granddaughter each having their picture painted on the foot of the bed, name and birth date. The boys bunk room has 9 beds, but more manly bunks, same pics, etc. The house has 3 kitchens! Four jet skies!
We sat at a park yesterday afternoon, watched a baby river otter playing on the dock, big salmon jumping in the lake on their way upstream to spawn, and boys just out of school peddling up on their bikes to fish. These small towns up here seem like a great place to raise kids, so many outdoor activities.
Forgot to add that on Sunday we went back to the Boyne River Inn for dinner, sat out on the deck and watched the river and the park across the way. Roger had really hot wings, Paul had a great meatloaf sandwich, Bev and I both had the prime rib sandwich. I always forget that prime rib is fatty, so I had to pick at it. Still good.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Golf and Churrasco on Saturday!!

What a great day. Weather man said rain, and it didn't, just enough sun to burn Bev's nose. Not too sweaty, not too chilly. We had a tee time for golf at Boyne Mt. Big bucks and a very beautiful and hard golf course. Paul and Roger would have enjoyed it, but Bev and I would have been exhausted and frustrated. At breakfast Roger picked up a free tourist magazine and found a little golf course that cost $25 for 18 holes. Much easier, less crowded, a third of the cost. Still pretty and fun, we played best ball. I think Paul and I used all of my drives. My shots don't go that far but they are usually straight.

Now for the food portion of the day ... we ate breakfast at a clean little cafe, Betty's in Boyne Falls. Had a sweet little waitress named Marjery, good sausage and eggs. I got a sandwich to go for the golf course. Have to stay fueled up. We also got hot dogs at the course. It is so easy to make a good hot dog, why not go beyond slapping a limp wiener in a stale bun? We would have stayed there and drank longer, but the waitress was too disinterested in our glasses. FYI the golf course is Spring Brook near Walloon Lake.

After golf we went back to the Eagles for drinks. Roger wanted to eat at the benefit they had going on there but he took one for the team and we went to Red Mesa Grill for dinner. Bev and I were looking forward to Mexican food all day. Drooling actually. That is my favorite place in the area. It is more a Latin American cuisine, and in the fall the speciality is Brazilian Churrasco. Which is grilled meat. Very tasty with interesting sauces, marinades and spices. We split a appetizer, shrimp stuffed with chilies and Montery Jack cheese. Beyond yum. Paul and I split the mixed grill churrasco, which was a big sausage, pork tenderloin and skirt steak. We got a very interesting salad each, mixed greens, pickled baby carrots, a few random beans. New tastes welcomed. Our main dish was excellent. fresh veggies, grilled potato slices and fried plantains. Roger and Bev ordered the flank steak only, and it was the hottest meat on the grill. Not hot really, but Roger is more of a meat and burrito guy. He was a good sport and gets extra brownie points for not whining. As usual the chips and salsa were excellent. We sat on the porch overlooking the Boyne River. Quieter and warmer than inside, better all around for us. Forgot to mention the pitchers of Dos Equi beer with limes. Oh, my favorite beer ever. It always reminds me of eating at Manuel's in Green Valley with my brother Dave and wife Val. More fun times.

Then we went back to the Eagles for the dance portion of the evening. The band was good, but so loud that it reset my heart beat. That can't be good. Paul and I sat in the quieter room and talked and Roger and Bev did some dancing.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Better Fish to Fry

So here we are up at Boyne Mt., the real up north. We are in a different row of condos this year and it is decorated differently, our room apparently in a cherry tree theme. The living area has leaves, etc, in pale greens, and the walls are a much brighter celery color. Sounds bad, but looks very nice.

Roger and Beverly are here with us, they are always fun. First thing we checked out the Eagle's Club in Boyne City. It is right across the road from Lake Charlevoix, a great view of the lake. Bev introduced me to her favorite drink, Malibu Rum and diet Vernors. It is a coconut rum, very yummy. Since this was our first time there, we got our second drinks free. We had the nicest waitress, we asked if anyone had a fish fry tonight. She sent us to the Boyne River Inn, they have an all you can eat fish fry. Since Bev and I each had two drinks, we had to eat right away. So we find this little bar with a big line of hungry folks waiting to get in. What does Paul spy but an almost empty bar, so we snake in and snag some seats. Not too easy to eat at the bar for two short women, but we do ok. Not only is it all you can eat, but it is served family style. Very cool, big bowl of coleslaw, tarter sauce, lemons, and then two big baskets of fish and another of fries. There were a few fries left at the end. Very good meal. Highly recommend it, and the menu looks good for other food too. They have a nice deck overlooking the river too. Our waitress there was also the bartender. She was amazing, a blur of motion. Excellent all around.

Golf today, I will take my camera!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Last night we were at the Rockwood Bar in Farwell with friends. Paul told Lance, an ex - 45 year old - student, about the ad. He said the word is flock, "what the flock." So we listened carefully as we watched last night's show, and yes, that is what it said. That is one ad that draws your interest!

We never watch the ads on TV, we have TiVo, the greatest invention of all time. However, during a Jay Leno show the other night Paul noticed this ad for POM Ice coffee. It was an office break room setting, young men dressed as sheep and talking, one sheep takes a swig of this drink and his eyes bug out, the other two say "What the fuck!" Isn't this one of those famous seven words? It even gets bleeped on the comedy channel. We have seen it now on several different Leno shows. We get that network, NBC ?, out of New York, for the hi def on our Direct TV. We have no doubt that is what we are hearing, we can read lips too. Learned that skill watching sports on TV. Is this odd or what? Katie, watch Jay for us!


Pics from Julie and Sean's trip to Indiana for the Notre Dame game. Future Domers?
I fixed my laptop computer the other day. Just finally made my self sit down and do it. And it worked. Still want to dump some programs that are just clogging it up. Would rather play Pogo!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hump Day Update

Here we are on Wednesday, and we leave for Boyne at noon on Friday. My list is long and just started. I did fix my laptop computer! It is so much faster than the desk top. I still need to get some programs off. Clean house, computer wise.

I have started to empty out the laundry room so Shane can turn it into a nice tiled bathroom. Why is it so hard to find cardboard boxes at the grocery store? Where do they go? He has the laundry room looking good, tub and surround is out and we have nice new drywall up and mudded. He also put up a light in the living room over the black table. Looks so good and with a dimmer switch, magic.

Paul and I went to Menard's to buy stuff for the new bath. Dumb and dumber we were. Too many decisions and we are plumbing inadequate. So I am meeting Shane at Home Depot this morning, he will fill the cart and I will swipe my card. He wants to work on it while we are on our fall trip to Kentucky and New York. Can't wait to see it.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Chased Home By Rain

Left for South Bend, Indiana, last Friday a.m. Parked the motor home in front of Andrea and Ryan's house for the weekend. Played with Charlie and Julia, ate Andrea's wonderful white chili. Paul and Ryan went to the Notre Dame game on Saturday. I knew it would be too hot and long for me. They had a great time. Ryan had friends tail gating before the game, and they took a city bus instead of driving and finding a lot. Less stress all around.

Andrea wasn't feeling well on Saturday, but we still took the kids to the new park. It is awesome, the ground is all covered with a spongy, rubber like carpet, painted nice, not that shredded black stuff that rubs off on clothes and hands. The equipment is handicapped accessible, with ramps and toys around the big structure as well. I didn't get any pictures, was too busy chasing kids. It was very nice, it is near the zoo.

Andrea felt better on Sunday and we did some power shopping, found cute kids clothes and a few things for myself too. South Bend has a nice shopping area in the south, south of the river and north of the bypass road. Lunch at Panera.

Paul found a campground on the Internet that was on Lake Michigan, just north of Muskegon. So about 3 pm, we headed north and found the county park by 7, with a stop for groceries. And another for beer. West Michigan is very Dutch Reformed Church, and they have blue laws in some places, no alcohol sales on Sunday. Turns out no alcohol is allowed in this county park, which is why the Catholics invented big sippy cups. No hassle anyway, it was full of quiet, polite old Yankees, who just ignore everyone else. No one saying "hi" except us and William and Mary Ann. They just camped down the way from us. They had a Harley, a small trailer, tent, screen room, table and chairs. They were master packers to fit it all in the trailer. Very impressive. We had campfire with them one night. Very nice people, from Ferndale, MI.

Anyway, Paul chose this park because it had 2,000 feet of clean and sandy beach. And it sure did. It also had huge campsites, mature trees, clean restrooms, three decks overlooking the lake from the top of the dunes. We can't decide how high, probably 40 to 60 feet, maybe higher, people looked real small by the shore. I will post pictures and you can decide. It was beautiful, and cheap! Very middle class, we had the best rig there, that has never happened before.

We had a rainy day, and some perfect sunny beach days with long walks on the shore. Just before we got there they had a big storm and the lake temp dropped from 77 degrees to 55 degrees. It got warmer as the days went by and Paul did get in swimming. The sun was really, really hot.

We planned on staying and attending the Irish Music Festival in Muskegon this weekend but the weather coming in was all rain. Time to give up on that notion.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Computer Update

My Dell needs the os reinstalled. And Dell's don't come with a backup disc. The repair guy wanted $90 to do it. I am doing it myself, I did my other computers several times. Instead of reinstalling with the disc, now you back up to an older version. Did it once, need to go farther back. First I have to buy some CD-RW discs and save what I have that I want to keep. If that doesn't resolve the problem with the usb port and my cell phone connection I will just get a new laptop. Once these problems start, it is a slippery slope. Lately I have had nostalgic feelings about my old HP computer. The photo softwear and and cd burner softwear was so much friendlier. So much of the new softwear makes all of the decisions for you. I know what I want, it isn't what they want.

What is your favorite computer? Need ideas and suggestions.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hitting the road

We are heading out to South Bend, IN to see the Notre Dame game on Saturday, and the darling grand children who live there. And their very good and cute parents too. It looks like a rainy day today, so will leave on Friday. Leaving there on Sunday to camp up the west coast of Michigan. Need a dip in the big lake. This is our favorite time of the year to travel, not so busy and the lake is really warm. My laptop is in the shop, internet connection quit working on it. sigh. I will save up my adventures and put them on when we get home.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More Weekend Hilarity

During our campfire Saturday night the subject came around, as it often does, to Brenda's pierogi's (but spelled Latvian style). And being so nice she quickly offered to make some, or maybe it was the vodka. No matter, the end result was we all had breakfast on her deck and the pierogi's were the best ever. She didn't have ham and bacon, so she chopped up some pork chops and sausage, and sauteed them with onion for the filling. And she and Pete pulled some fresh strawberries and melon out of their, um , refrigerator, and it was a lovely brunch. Followed by another beautiful boat ride. Followed by grilled hamburgers, etc. Finally, the survivors fell into a stupor and just floated in tubes on the lake. It was great. We had so many laughs and some really interesting conversations this weekend. Love our neighbors!

Pic of Krista and Steff, and the party barge, Brenda and Pete, and the sunset on Sunday night from the party barge. John, Tony and Paul after the potluck eating frenzy. Had some great conversations about WWII, etc, between the history prof and the history major, and the history buff, and John, who fought in it. Always interesting.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Perfection

This has been the most perfect holiday you can imagine here at the lake. Weather in the mid 80s, sunny with a nice breeze, no humidity. All of our neighbors and long time friends are up for the holiday and we shared a very yummy potluck dinner on Sunday afternoon. We enjoyed stimulating conversations and quick wits. Tony took anyone who was interested on a sunset cruise of the lake on his party barge, the light over the lake was rosy and soft with an uneven blending of the darkening blue sky and the rose colored sunset. When we got back to shore it was cool enought that we appreciated the nice campfire down on our beach. A few hot dogs and marshmellows were toasted. Lots more jokes and laughs.

I fixed the salmon that Paul caught when he was fishing with Rex on Lake Michigan. I used the Southwest Grilled Salmon With Cilantro Lime Butter, number 11478. A very simple marinade and baste with excellent flavor. Jeff did a great job of grilling the fish.

As promised, here is the Beer Bread Recipe, I used a Mexican mix of cheese:
3 cups self rising flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 12 oz . bottle/can of warm beer
1/4 cup butter, melted

Stir first three ingredients together, pour into lightly greased 9 x 5 loaf pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Pour melted butter on top, bake 10 more minutes.

For Cheddar-chive bread: Add 3/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese and 2 tablespoons chopped fresh chives to dry ingredients.

Pictures posted after I find my camera cord, stashed in a "safe place."