Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Alaska 1

 Our balcony view, we really were glad to have the back of the ship.
The Deadliest Catch ship

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Driving Yellowstone, from East entrance to the North entrance

The front of the motor home, we had a great view, saw some mule deer, sheep, elk very close, coyote.
Two bison stopping traffic, they are so large and we just waited for them to cross the road, they were in no hurry. 
Still waiting
Park Ranger, slowing drove forward, tooting a horn, and finally a bit of siren.  We also saw a biker in a stand off with a bull, he was taking pics.  The bison rut has started, they are unpredictable, at best

Lake Yellowstone on a beautiful day.  We drove past many thousands of dead trees from various forest fires, they need some  chippers!  This is a beautiful lake

Tour of Yellowstone Park, An 11 Hour Tour

These photos are only from my camera, will add cell phone photos eventually, also will dig out the names of the water falls, etc.  Not that it matters, we just enjoyed the experience and learned so much, just a lot to keep straight.  We are so lucky to be here, the tour was a God send, our motor home would have not be allowed in many areas, no parking, crazy crowded.  Paul was happy to observe instead of drive.  It is good.

Our guide, John, at the Lower Terrace of the Mammoth Hot Spring
The Chocolate Pot, a mud pot that is not on any maps, the heat turns the chemicals this color

This geyser erupts  continously

Old Faithful Lodge Lobby, what a grand old hotel
Old Faithful, erupts silently

Now the best part of Yellowstone Park, and the hardest to photograph and describe.  Massive in scale, amazing colors and texture, above is the upper falls of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.  Below is the beginning of the Artist area

The Lower Falls

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Boring Travel Photos

Campsite in Wisconsin.  Wisconsin has great roads, and such tiny little towns, this is northern part of the state.  One little town had 7 tiny little bars in a row, about 300 feet apart.  The signs are all from Old Style Beer.
Groing through South Dakota, beautiful wheat fields, and sunflower fields.  We tried to drive on I 94, but too much construction, traffic and bad roads.  Switched to 12, smooth sailing all the way to Montana.
Storm clouds gathering over Yellowstone
RV park in South Dakota

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Famiy Vacation Continued

Erin uses graceful ballet moves to keep her leg off the grass!
Baby hugs, she will be running the next time we see her!
Lane and Ellie Playing Store