Monday, October 25, 2010

Baby stuff

Finally, all done with the crib bedding for baby Sens. Now Katie needs to hang in for a few more weeks. I would really like to hand deliver this to her - we shall see. Not too close to deer season, Buddy.

OMG Great Mexican Food at La Aztecta

We went out to eat with John and Jean Villa tonight. Planned on going to Buck's Run but they are only open on W T F S and S now that the golf course is closed. So Paul asked around at the Moose Club if anyone knew a good place to eat. And Jim suggested a new restaurant in town, La Aztec Bar and Grill in Mt. Pleasant. It is in a strip mall right across from Wallmart on Bluegrass Road.

When we walked in, Jean gasped at the colorful decorating, the murals, the beautiful carved chairs and benches and bright painted colors. John really enjoyed talking with our young waiter in Spanish, it was great. They have a huge menu. John was concerned it was just another fast food Mexican place, but they had a whole page of dinners. The food was excellent, John and I both had Carne Verde, with great corn and wheat tortillas, refried beans and rice. Jean had another pork dish, and Paul had a burrito with pork and fresh onions and green pepper and a wonderful tasty light white cheese sauce. It was exceptional. They make the same thing with crab and shrimp. I am getting that next time.


For some reason I cannot post comments on my own blog. So I turned over the little statue and it says Julie K, 83 on the bottom. And I remember that Julie make it. I can take a picture if I have to.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Who Made this?

While working in my bedroom I came across this cutie.

I added some better pics to the Sweet Dreams blog

The silver lining exposed

Cloudy sunrise with smoke over the lake from a wood stove.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Lake Views

I got some sunrise pictures

Paul took a great swan pic this morning.

Sweet Dreams

this looks more like the taupe color

A slightly better photo, and I put stuff on the shelves. The taupe is still much lighter than shows.

This is a pic of our new bedding. The blue blanket is a shaggy fleece blanket. The paisley print is a duvet with down comforter inside. Last night was pretty chilly, window open, heat off, great sleeping and very comfortable.

I have hung a few pictures in the bedroom, freshly painted by Shane, a tropical blue on two walls and a taupe on the other two. Still have to find a wall lamp for the bed and put things back on the shelves. It doesn't photograph well, and certainly not the true colors.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Catch Up

Not nearly so much to write about now that we are home. I am busy sewing on crib things for Katie, bumper pad today. On Saturday, Marty and I did the usual Amish tour of Clare. Ate at the White House. She and Woody ate there the other day and said it was really good. And she was correct, it was good. We sat next to the grill and could watch the cook at work. There are only 6 booths in there, just as small as it looks. I had a steak sandwich, and it was an actual steak. Onion rings were exceptional. The omelets she made looks great. There was a long lists of omelets, had to be 25.

Then we went to the Amish Bakery, they had pumpkin whoopee pies, had to try one And pumpkin bread, of course. Then Jay's Sports. Very cute clothes there. Then the Amish Hardware on Colonville Road. They had the Melissa and Doug wooden toys for about a third less than anywhere else. I hope that fact stays in my memory bank. Don't anyone else get Charlie the state puzzle. Marty found the glass chimney for a LP gas lamp that broke at Camp in Canada. Then we stopped at the Dollar Daze but were too tired and left unshopped.

In retrospect, a pretty boring day. But it was sunny and beautiful, makes up for the lack of excitement. Always fun with Marty, no matter what we do.

Anyway, I saved the best for last. When we moved in 1982, just before Steff was born, I lost touch with my oldest friend, Donna. I finally got her phone number recently and called her. It was great to visit and we can't wait to get together before we leave for Texas. Thanks to Mary for sleuthing the number out for me.

I talked to Val and Dave this week, Val is still a bit tired (??? she is the energizer bunny!!) but doing better, going to wear a heart monitor soon and see how the meds are really working. She had me worried!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oh the Ugly Bar

The outside is pretty ugly, painted that way.

Lenny, a restaurant cook. Has cooked at the Ugly Bar. He had great stories about when he was in the Army in Germany.

Paul, note the creative post

Lee told us about the Ugly Bar, in Vanderbelt. We ordered spaghetti take out for dinner. Was tasty. Lenny gave us directions to Johanasburg, a nice drive, color is almost gone though. Nice bar there, Paul's Pub. Had a good visit with two local ladies, mother and daughter-in-law.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another Beautiful Day

Part of the tunnel of trees from Harbor Springs to Cross Village. There are at least twice as many houses on this road than the last time we were on it, maybe 7 years ago, maybe less. Make that great big houses.

Paul and Marjie

Mike and Jen at the Charlevoix Harbor.

We started our day with a drive to Charlevoix today. Beautiful. Many charming houses. We did some shopping and ate at the Weathervane, on the river. The special for lunch was chicken breast stuffed with roasted chestnuts and dried cherries, with a puff pastry coating and a light sauce. Dutchess potatoes, like twice baked, and asparagus. It was heavenly.

Jen and Mike left for home from Charlevoix and we scouted around for some Hobbit Houses, or as they are know in that area, Mushroom houses. They are curvy flowing roofs, lots of stones in the construction and a great deal of creative whimsy. Links to articles on these sites, very interesting. I will have more on this subject later. pics of all the houses!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Funday Sunday

This is the only type of pic we took today. The tree colors just don't photograph well. This was an elk farm nearby. These were the smaller bulls. Another field had 5 larger ones. We heard a bull elk bugle and saw the ladies run toward the woods. We assume he was the big guy.

We just wandered around the country. Stopped in a Moose Club and met some nice folks. Then we went to the Eagle's Club in Boyne City. Very nice, good view of Lake Charlevoix, very nice folks there. Met a great guy named Lee, he was a fountain of information about the area. All the good bars and restaurants. Lots of fun.

Before Boyle's left for home we ate in Boyne Falls, interesting place, nice people. This is such a fun vacation, very social.

Boyne in the Fall

Dunmaglas is always beautiful.

Tony and Paul

The natural beauty just doesn't show up on a small photo.

Please, someone take me shopping and tell me what to buy. I forgot hair spray. !!!

Tony and Virginia joined us for the weekend at Bluegreen at Boyne. It turned out to be the most beautiful weekend of the year. We ate at Red Mesa in Boyne city on Friday night. Most excellent. On Saturday we had breakfast at a small cafe in West Jordan, I had the french toast made with homemade cinnamon swirl bread. Tony said the corned beef hash was great.

Then we played golf at Dunmaglas, very hard and beautiful. Ate dinner at Boyne River Inn, and the white fish was excellent. They have new cooks. It sure was bad last summer.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Buddy's Quilt

Close up of the quilt, it looks like the design is woven. Have more trim to add

Now have to start the rest of the projects!! Hang in there a few more weeks, Buddy!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Our Morning View

The sunrise lights up the west end of the lake.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Rafting Trip

These pics are from Picasa, another company. Of course we didn't pay $50 for a picture CD!

We had on helmets. It was really fun.

This is a sage bush flower, beautiful and everywhere we have been.

I finally looked up the river rating for the Glenwood Canyon rafting. It is III and IV White Water. Paul was thinking it was .5 or something. Ha! We are tough old people!!