Monday, October 25, 2010

OMG Great Mexican Food at La Aztecta

We went out to eat with John and Jean Villa tonight. Planned on going to Buck's Run but they are only open on W T F S and S now that the golf course is closed. So Paul asked around at the Moose Club if anyone knew a good place to eat. And Jim suggested a new restaurant in town, La Aztec Bar and Grill in Mt. Pleasant. It is in a strip mall right across from Wallmart on Bluegrass Road.

When we walked in, Jean gasped at the colorful decorating, the murals, the beautiful carved chairs and benches and bright painted colors. John really enjoyed talking with our young waiter in Spanish, it was great. They have a huge menu. John was concerned it was just another fast food Mexican place, but they had a whole page of dinners. The food was excellent, John and I both had Carne Verde, with great corn and wheat tortillas, refried beans and rice. Jean had another pork dish, and Paul had a burrito with pork and fresh onions and green pepper and a wonderful tasty light white cheese sauce. It was exceptional. They make the same thing with crab and shrimp. I am getting that next time.

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Stephanie said...

They are so cute!
Restaurant sounds yummy!! I always love light white cheese sauce.