Sunday, October 17, 2010

Catch Up

Not nearly so much to write about now that we are home. I am busy sewing on crib things for Katie, bumper pad today. On Saturday, Marty and I did the usual Amish tour of Clare. Ate at the White House. She and Woody ate there the other day and said it was really good. And she was correct, it was good. We sat next to the grill and could watch the cook at work. There are only 6 booths in there, just as small as it looks. I had a steak sandwich, and it was an actual steak. Onion rings were exceptional. The omelets she made looks great. There was a long lists of omelets, had to be 25.

Then we went to the Amish Bakery, they had pumpkin whoopee pies, had to try one And pumpkin bread, of course. Then Jay's Sports. Very cute clothes there. Then the Amish Hardware on Colonville Road. They had the Melissa and Doug wooden toys for about a third less than anywhere else. I hope that fact stays in my memory bank. Don't anyone else get Charlie the state puzzle. Marty found the glass chimney for a LP gas lamp that broke at Camp in Canada. Then we stopped at the Dollar Daze but were too tired and left unshopped.

In retrospect, a pretty boring day. But it was sunny and beautiful, makes up for the lack of excitement. Always fun with Marty, no matter what we do.

Anyway, I saved the best for last. When we moved in 1982, just before Steff was born, I lost touch with my oldest friend, Donna. I finally got her phone number recently and called her. It was great to visit and we can't wait to get together before we leave for Texas. Thanks to Mary for sleuthing the number out for me.

I talked to Val and Dave this week, Val is still a bit tired (??? she is the energizer bunny!!) but doing better, going to wear a heart monitor soon and see how the meds are really working. She had me worried!!

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