Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wednesday Of No PIctures

Cloudy on Wednesday, no pictures. Katie, Andrea, Ellie and I went to Petosky for lunch. We ate at a small diner in the old city, Pierson's, the food was excellent. The waitress was very nice and helpful. I bought a "Lake Michigan Unsalted" tee shirt. Then I saw one down the street that said "Lake Michigan Unsalted and Oil Free." So true, so true.

Katie and Mark went on the ski lift and Paul and I watched Buddy. Mark and Katie went swimming at Boyne in a nice warm pool. They have several. Lots of restaurants and bars too, a big campfire area, Mark was a happy guy. The zip line looks fun and even young children do it, Charlie was talking to a 6 year old girl in the pool who did it. I want to do it in the fall when the leaves are pretty. Mark had called the Bluegreen front desk and they didn't know where the pools were, or where the ski lift was. That is so bogus. Everyone working the desk should have maps handy to pass out, and know where things are. And act like they care.

We went out to dinner with Mark and Katie and Lane, to the Red Mesa. I had an interesting martini, vanilla bean, almond, something. Yummy. Katie had red cherry margaritas, sweet with real cherries blended in. We had a delicious appetizer that would be an excellent entree, Con Queso with steak, it made 4 wraps. Paul and I split the enchilada combo, Katie and Mark split a combo of taco, enchilada and burrito, Lane ate beans. Then we all ate a Haberano Fried Ice Cream. It was good, it had some heat. Interesting.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Beach Time

Lane and Katie

Wildflowers at Whiting Park

Master Tether Ball player, Ryan, coaching Charlie and Julia

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Week of Grand Kids and Kids

This lake is so beautiful, and it was warm

Beach, sun, food, beer, baby

Katie and Buddy eating Blue berries

Mark at Whiting Beach

Lake Charlevoix

Lane's first lake float with mom

Ellie in her new swimming suit and hat, a towel somewhere

Buddy and Ellie chatting.

Saturday afternoon Ryan, Andrea and Charlie, Julia and Ellie arrived at the lake, as did Mark, Katie and Lane (Buddy) for a week of swimming at home and at Boyne Mt. We left Sunday afternoon for Up North. Monday was a glorious 82 degrees, sunny day. Andrea and family hung around the pool, (it is fenced!) and Katie and family and Paul and I went to Whiting Beach on Lake Charlevoix. Uncrowded, we got a prime picnic table under a tree, enjoyed the warm water and a picnic, some beer.

Katie and Mark had dinner out last night and the the guys watched the babies and the Tigers, Andrea and I took the big kids to the pool. Heading for the beach again today

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekend in Pittsford, NY

Mark, Katie and Lane

Refreshment tent

At Firehouse #1, firemen, dressed in their wool dress uniforms at attention. The flag hung before two ladder trucks. Final call was called was made for Mark's dad, Barry, a volunteer fireman for 54 years.

Shannon and her dad, Greg, lunch at Thirsty's was great

Katie feeding baby Lane,

We drove to Pittsford, NY, last week to help Katie with the baby during the funeral activities for Mark's dad. The drive through Canada was hot and boring and during the hour plus wait at the US border the air conditioning conked out. We were totally disoriented while in town, it is a very old town and there wasn't a pattern to the road that we could figure out. We really enjoy Mark's family and were lucky to stay with his Aunt Jean and Uncle Greg, they have a house beautiful.

We went to the visitation so we could take the baby home after an hour. The family was there from 2:45 to 8:30 pm on Friday. It was organized so only so many were let in at a time, many firemen in full uniform. Very respectful. Hundred of people came, waiting for up to 40 minutes in line.

The funeral was on Saturday, we sat up front so we could take out Buddy if he got fussy. A most moving moment was when the Fire Chief carried in Barry's white fire helmet and placed it on a table in front of the altar. Then the fireman pall bearers brought in the casket. Lindsay, Shannon, Greg, Traci and Tim all read. A bagpiper played before and after mass.

The procession to the cemetery was led by the Firehouse band, then the firemen, then the truck used as the hearse. Then the cars. Many people walked, as well as the firemen and band.

Afterwards there was a wonderful dinner, with a tent and tables outside with drinks, appetizers, and desserts. The buffet was set up in the firehouse basement.

Paul Gets Lucky

Paul went to a car show on July 3, up in Kalkaska Moose Club. It was another blistering hot day. He won a trophy for Driver's Choice, $75 and and $100 on the 50/50 drawing.

Friday, July 8, 2011

July 4, 2011-- Weekend

Jake and friends

Steff, Jean and Pete

Potluck on Sunday at the Vitum's deck. Paul grilled, lots of good eats and drinks.

Finally got a few photos uploaded from the 4th, had a great weekend, wonderful pot luck, nice weather, kids and grand kids, skinny margaritas.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Haven't been able to post photos anywhere or even look at photos on other blogs, face book,etc., there are so many folks at the lake with their 3 and 4 G phones that there isn't enough air left for me. They are sucking up my air and I resent it. Leave my Altell alone.