Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Week of Grand Kids and Kids

This lake is so beautiful, and it was warm

Beach, sun, food, beer, baby

Katie and Buddy eating Blue berries

Mark at Whiting Beach

Lake Charlevoix

Lane's first lake float with mom

Ellie in her new swimming suit and hat, a towel somewhere

Buddy and Ellie chatting.

Saturday afternoon Ryan, Andrea and Charlie, Julia and Ellie arrived at the lake, as did Mark, Katie and Lane (Buddy) for a week of swimming at home and at Boyne Mt. We left Sunday afternoon for Up North. Monday was a glorious 82 degrees, sunny day. Andrea and family hung around the pool, (it is fenced!) and Katie and family and Paul and I went to Whiting Beach on Lake Charlevoix. Uncrowded, we got a prime picnic table under a tree, enjoyed the warm water and a picnic, some beer.

Katie and Mark had dinner out last night and the the guys watched the babies and the Tigers, Andrea and I took the big kids to the pool. Heading for the beach again today

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We are having a great time.