Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Morning Roundup

This guy wanted a pic with Paul's trophy wife. He just lost in the poker room. Note, you all know that I am older than Paul, right?

Dancing in the crowd.

A big crowd for a Thursday night at 6 pm.

Paul and Rick twins.

Tom, Paul and Bob, enjoying a beautiful Thursday.

So, another busy week here. We had some beautiful sunny beach weather, walking two miles a day on the beach. Then it turned colder, down to 37 degrees at night. Windy. Pat and Tom and Bob were here this week. Good to see them again.

On Thursday night Bernie's had a rock and roll band that played oldies for the oldies. They were fairly good. They played for free. We got there after it had started, had burgers at the Wild Horse first. The joint was packed. Such a surprise, it was hard to find a table. Javiar and Susan stopped in to have a beer while Carlie was at school, he said he felt like he walked into the Cocoon movie. Nice to see everyone having fun and dancing. The Parrot Heads were meeting there too and, of course, the poker started at seven. That is a crowd also.

Saturday was cool out, so we went to Bernie's to see friends. I was talking to Jan and Miss Carol and I was introduced to Jodi, and we talked for hours. One of those instant friends things. Very cool. She is 40, lived here for 3 years, has a 3 year old and 21 year old sons. Our brains just clicked, very cool. Paul and William had guys to visit with. There was a benefit going on and we took home dinner, salad, roll, King Ranch Chicken and cake. Then Paul went with William and Mary Ann to the Moon Fire on the beach. I stayed home and washed my hair, too cold for me.

Friday we went shopping in Corpus, got massive groceries and stuff. Lunch at Bubba's. William got the fish hogie, it must have been a foot long - the piece of fish. Looked great and he ate every bite.

If the web lets me I will post pics now, and more later.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Pictures by our very own paparazzi, Mary Ann. What did we do on Sunday... oh we went to church in the golf cart with 30 mph winds on the beach. Lots of sand in the mouth included. We couldn't put the sides down on the cart because the wind might flip it over or tear the canvas. We were out on the beach before we knew how bad it was, already committed. In the evening we went dancing at Bernie's with Wm and Mary Ann, and many other friends. It was a really fun evening. We left for awhile and ate at the Pelican Club. The food was wonderful, I did get crab and red snapper, asparagus, bacon on pasta, etc. Paul got a steak. New York cheese cake for dessert. After I ordered, Paul said I would be disappointed after having Jr.'s cheesecake in NY. So true. So bagels and cheese cake are ruined for me.

On Monday we played golf with Deb and Rick. Beautiful, sunny day, nice breeze, millions of mosquitoes. That night we went to Dee and Bob's and played poker and Mexican Train. Fun but a long day.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Busy Saturday

This is a pic of us at the Pelican Club on Sunday. Pics are downloading very slowly. Will try to catch up.
We started with a walk on the beach, having nice weather finally. At 1:30 William and Mary Ann picked us up and we went to Bernie's to meet Lyn and Ken and their friends, Diane and hubby. Richard the bartender made potato clam chowder, which was wonderful. By 3:30 we were at the Gaff to watch the Belt Sander Races, and eat a piece of pizza. Good fun and lots of folks we know there.

It was still nice and sunny out so we went to the park to watch the dolphins. The shipping channel was so calm, very pretty. Might have gotten a good dolphin pic. Will post it eventually.

Then we checked out the Pelican Club, we want to eat there for our anniversary on Sunday. Monday is 41 years married. Their fish entrees make my mouth water just to read the menu; fresh lump crab and fresh flounder (?) on angel hair pasta with parm and grilled asparagus and some other stuff. Yum.

Then we went to Shorty's, the "oldest and friendliest bar on the island," owned by Miss Rose. William and Mary Ann hadn't been there before. It was a lot cleaner than in the past. Probably because Lynn works there and she is into clean. The ceiling is all ball caps, which used to drip with dust bunnies. Now they are dusted. Lots of kitch all over. Very interesting. Mary Ann takes pics all the time, I will post some of her's.

Then we went to Kody's for dinner. Wm and MA hadn't been there either. Susan and Javiar were sitting at the bar after eating. Good to see them again. We had the fried shrimp. And cole slaw and fries. That is the best place! So clean and fast and fresh. And a big menu.

And then Mary Ann hit the wall, and I was ready for pjs too. Back to the park.

Cowboys Game last Sunday

Sandy at the far left, Beth, don't know the boy, Shawn, me at the table, by the Bill Parcell's autographed football.

Sean sitting, Beth and Susan

Me enjoying the sunny backyard, canals/ponds full of ducks in the background.


Marisa playing the uke, Shawn and Beth

Sandy and Shawn at the grill. Good cooks with lots of good food. There is a meat market in Corpus called Moody's where they got the smoked beef tenderloin, very excellent, and stuffed chicken breasts, fajita beef and chicken. We brought the Koegel Viennas from Michigan.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Cheryl's Goodby Party

Far left is Zack, center is Cheryl and right is her husband.
Cheryl, please friend me on facebook, I don't have your name.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Misc Pics

the last dance on Sunday night at Bernie's, a conga line.

More line

Lyn, Mary Ann and me.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sheryl's last week in Port A

Sadly, the goddess of Bernie's Beach House is leaving this week for the Dallas area.

The Flood

This is Rick and his truck parked on the grass.

The dark trailer in the background contains our golf cart.

Our road turned into a river. We got 7.29 inches of rain Thursday night.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is Dakota, Javiar, Carlie and the maker of the Obamamator sand belt racer. Carlie won this heat at the races at the Gaff last week.

William, Ken and Paul in Rockport after a delicious lunch at China 3.

Cutie Julia

Friday, January 8, 2010

Football and Food

Well, we have been up to running around with friends, visiting, laughing, eating interesting foods. Went to an excellent Chinese Buffet this week and last night went to a local place on the pier, Fins, that has family style fish and seafood. The shrimp was excellent, great nachos and fries and hush puppies. A good, peppery, cole slaw. Today we will have happy hour at Mavis's trailer. She has a large park model. She is so much fun. She playes Texas Hold 'Em poker with the big boys here.

Having lots of friends seems to be the key to happiness. And trying new things and being active too. We are enjoying our friends that come here every other year. Ken is retired military and retired teacher. Lyn had an organice garden business. Love them, there are so many nice people in the world.

It got down to 30 degrees this morning. It isn't supposed to be below freezing, being surrounded by water here. Oh well. Pretty windy, 25 mph, so no walk today. Tropical islands aren't supposed to be this cold.

We have been watching bowl games. Yesterday we walked into Bernie's and Mr. and Mrs. B had on their Texas sweat shirts. Paul pulled up his jacket and showed them his CMU shirt, they cheered! Everyone loved the game. What a good showing Central made. I am a long horns fan. Wore their hat on the trip north and a porter at the airport gave me the hand sign. Fun to flip it back. Football in TX is the other religion.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I am all over my sinus infection thanks to Mexican antibiotics. It was a good weekend. Spend some time with friends and on the beach. On Tuesday we went with Ken and Lyn, with Mary Anna and William following in their truck, to Rockport. They found China 3, a very good buffet. It was better than the one in Corpus. Had great chicken wings and stuffed jalapenos, all the food was hot. Crab won tons were very good. As Paul says, we are done with Chinese for awhile. It was great, but now it is worn out.

Now the weather is changing, going to have 5 cold days, and 3 rainy days. Sun for the weekend.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday in Port A

I have been down with a sinus infection this week, good to get out today. Top pic is kites on the beach, bottom is Ken, Lyn and William. We had so much fun this afternoon. It is cool here like the rest of the US, but we still walked on the beach. Not too bad.

Friday, January 1, 2010


This is a blury pic of Steff inside the Toys R Us flagship store in Times Square. In the background is a ferris wheel. It was a real zoo in there. Kids were having a ball. Mark says they lose money there.
I forgot some food we ate!! First of all, Katie had wonderful biscotti from an Italian bakery, and some round, golden cookies that tasted like Annice and had pine nuts on top. We hadn't had biscotti before, it was great. And Steff bought cupcakes from Crumbs near Grand Central Station. They are larger than usual, and so good. One was red velvet, one was like a Hostess cupcake, only better, another was chocolate with white yummy stuff inside. The last was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. So good, we cut them into pieces and had tastes of them all. I am thinking the only reason everyone in NY isn't fat is because they walk so much. How could they resist all the wonderful foods. The bagels, I am still eating the ones I bought on Tuesday morning. Still soft and tender, I could eat them like donuts, except I love cream cheese and peanut butter on them.