Monday, August 30, 2010

The Hot Contines

Pee Wee is a busy girl, sits on everyone!

Rick and Pee Wee

Paul and Rick

Joyce and Pee Wee enjoying the lake on Sunday. We are at 90 degrees today, ditto for Tuesday and Wednesday. Waiting to pack the motor home, hoping it cools down a bit tonight.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday on Old 27

Me and Joyce at Spikes, ate fish fry, not drunk but very tired!

Me in front of a tiny 1952 Crosley car, Rick to the right. This car belongs to Dick LaHaie's wife, which only drag racing fans will appreciate. He is a retired NHRA Crew Chief and drag racer.

Joyce and Rick with their dream car, I love the grill and hood vents, which Rick did all by himself!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quilt Blocks

Laid the quilt blocks out, it is 6 blocks by 6 blocks, and there will be a border around it. Will sew it all together today. It will be ready to go on vacation next Wed. and I will quilt it while we are gone. There won't be much TV to watch in the wilds!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Chicken Feed

New Baby Quilt

This is what the quilt pattern looks like. Except for the flash in the middle of the picture and for some strange reason all my photos are suddenly blue. Must have pressed the wrong button on the camera.

Katie and I went to Elm Creek today to pick out baby quilt fabric. She chose a fabric family that features raccoons, owls, squirrels, in blues and browns and yellows. It is very cute. The quilt pattern looks like a woven pattern. I hope to get it put together before we leave next Wed. for New Mexico, so I can quilt on the trip.

I am making a crib skirt, two sheets and a bumper pad as well as the quilt.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stephanie and Company

Senior Swimmer

Kathy Villa, Jean Villa, Sara and John Villa

Villa lake front

John Villa, 93, is certainly the oldest lake swimmer! The lake is a balmy 82 degrees.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

There Is No Friend Like An Old Friend

Me and Linda at Bud Lake.

We met in ninth grade and have kept in touch ever since.
Andrea and the kids and I went to the State Park in Harrison where Linda and her kids and grandsons were having a reunion. Randy and his friend, Philip were up from Austin, TX, and helped a lot with Beth and Tami's four boys. Bruce has a house nearby and it was good to see him again. He was around 9 when Linda lived in Richmond. Everyone is all grown up now. As Linda says, "How did our kids get old and we haven't?"

Forever young

The Week in Review

Andrea, Julia and Charlie came to visit on Tuesday. We went shopping, swam a lot and took a pontoon boat ride.

Ryan got here on Friday. Neighbor Chelsie, Julia and Ryan

Charlie loved the boat ride

Julia liked steering the boat, she just took over from Grandpa!

On Saturday, at Lake City, in sweltering heat, Roger got a second place with his $4,000 Corvette.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

This would be fun on the beach

This is on the back of the vehicle.

It has seat belts, a golf cart seat, bike bars, he can switch it out to a steering wheel. It has removable doors and a heater and radio.

It actually looks pretty safe. The open motor is a little creepy to me. Belts and fans whirling around.

We met this couple in the Moose Club. They live full time in their RV. She is a former police office in Myrtle Beach and he is retired Navy CB. And worked in Myrtle Beach too. Very nice and interesting.

Grayling Moose Car Show

Lance, a former 6th grader of Paul's, himself, Roger. Lance is holding the 71 piece air tool set that Paul won in a raffle, Roger is holding the huge spotlight that Paul also won. We will be able to light up the boat landing from the dining room!

Paul, Roger and new friends we met at the show. From Myrtle Beach, they are full time RVers and have a very interesting trike/car. Nice folks.

Gathering around Roger's toy hauler trailer. Lower right is Bob, Eagles president in Grayling. Another nice guy.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chef Roger

On Saturday, Paul and I took the motor home up to Roger and Bev's for a day. The weather was cloudy and damp, and rainy, but we had fun. There is so much to do in their area. We took a road trip and had lunch at Ma Detters, a bar and restaurant. In earlier times, maybe the lumbering era, it was a whore house. The food was cheap and very good. Visited two Moose Clubs and one Eagles Club. Roger and Bev cooked us a great breakfast. Then we headed home.

As soon as we got home Brenda came over and invited us to dinner. She made a wonderful shrimp linguine, squash, muscles, and brushetta - that Italian toast stuff, which is spelled wrong. Very excellent!

Fall Is In the Air

Our days are hot and humid, but if I wear my bathing suit I don't need the air on, about mid day I draw the blinds in the living room and let the breeze bat them around. When the sun hits the west side of the house I shut those windows and the blinds and trap the morning cool. I am up early this morning, it is cool at night and good sleeping. Now it is still and warm, the lake is hazy. A goose is making a racket on the lake and a jay is squawking in the woods. Crickets are a constant hum. The Rose of Sharon tree is in full bloom as are my mom's hibiscus and daisies. We wait until 5 pm to go swimming, it is too hot in mid day. By late afternoon the clouds build and flirt with the sun, sometimes we have a storm. This is the most beautiful summer we have had in years. Everything has bloomed in extreme, the blueberries are perfect, looking forward to apple season.

There is a rhythm and beauty to August days that is different than any other summer month, more appreciated for their brevity and and a sense that summer is ending soon.