Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What a Monday! Shrimp Boil and Moon Fire

Javia, Heidi and Paul, with the moon rising over the gulf and the car. They were giving Heidi trailer advice. She cut Paul's hair on Tuesday, you will see it after he gets his head tan.

Shrimp boil, lots of picnic tables.

Jean helping, as always.

Left, Lissa and Roma, chef cutie

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Excellent Blog

Mary Ann And William, they will never grow old.

Our friend, Mary Ann, has a most excellent blog. The best I have ever seen, as she is a web site designer, for good reason. Lots of bells and whistles and wonderful pics. The link is:

Well worth a look.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Geek Report

James, Roma and Rick

Rick had a computer hint for me the other day that is priceless. I plug in my 4 G thumb drive and it helps my computer speed up. Paul was able to watch the Michigan State basketball game on the computer last night. This Dell laptop is over 5 years old and none too fast. I also suspect its age is part of the problem I have connecting to the internet. An internal antenna missing perhaps? I had to get a new cell phone and it doesn't work at all re the internet. Even in Port A with 5 bars showing.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Seniors Go Wild on Spring Break

Shirlene and J

campfire Shirlene, Mavis, Tamalin, Arvin and Elnora

Rick and Shirlene's grands

Emery eating

Lou, me and Paul and Pat

Lou, Paul and Pat

Mavis and Elnora from Canada. Just out of the water.
Rick and Shirlene were having a beach fire cook out, grand kids were visiting. Mavis was laughing and suddenly through the crowd I saw a flash of leg and her shorts hitting the ground. And bam she was off for the ocean. I was, wow. She had to go bad. And then she was in the water. I was relieved to see she had a bathing suit under her clothes. Elnora decided she had to join Mavis in the ocean. It was calm and beautiful. What fun. Mavis loves a joke and she punked us all. You had to be there, it was very funny. She is coming for a visit in Michigan this summer with Eileen.
Photos by Rick Sheward

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dinner At That Orange Place


Paul and me.

Shirlene, Mavis and Wendy

Me, Shirley and Shirlene

Rick, Mike and Emery

So this is the last week for Mavis, Wendy and Mike. Mavis wanted to try someplace new for shrimp. Paul and I had friends who liked the orange place on the road to the ferry. This would be 12 mile, glow in the dark orange. They sell fresh seafood, bait and dinners. We had a great time, the shrimp was good, the gumbo was good, the shrimp po'boy was good. The flounder was fishy strong. Not so good. Might have had a fish/bait mix up there.

Then we stopped at the Dairy Queen for a Texas cone. Dairy Queen in TX is creamy and rich. In Michigan it is grainy and milky. It was delicious!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break in Port Aransas

This is a huge parachute, inflated by the wind, nice shady place to sit.

Finally our weather has broken and is normal... warm and sunny. The big week of spring break started on Saturday, March 13. The beach is crowded down here in the 30 beach markers, less crowded near the city. Lots of police, DNR, dog catcher, liquor control officers on patrol.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Park Friends

Wendy and Mike from Iowa

Rick and Shirlene from Oklahoma

Mavis and Richard

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just Another Saturday in Port A

Denise from Colorado

Us at the docks, shirmper Polly Anna behind us, the small boat to the left of the ship belongs to . Two local fishing guides who do very well in these tournaments. They both live in Port Aransas. Very interesting visiting with them.

Paul and the fish he wished he caught. They are red drums, or just "reds."

The "Doom" team came in eighth place. This is the Cabelas Saltwater Tournaments, here is the link. We are going to watch for this show when it is on Fox TV.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Last Dance at Bernie's

Me and Paul. New shirts from Academy

Mary Ann and William

Wendy, me and Roma

me and Carolyn

Mary Ann took these great pics. Sure had fun.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Beverly is all jacked up and cute as a bug's ear, and Roger

Rick and Shirlene dancing on Tulsa Time.

Lisa Joy, from Farwell, and Jackson, Houghton Lake

On Sunday we were real good and went to church in the golf cart. As soon as we got home Roger and Bev came over and said they had heard from Wendy and Mike that there was something going on at Bernie's this afternoon. So we grabbed a sandwich and went down there. Well the Olympics and golf was on TV. It was 1:30 so we just settled in for some diet rum and changed the TVs to the race. Moving right along, Mr and Mrs B came by and joined Miss Carol; Lisa and Jackson showed up; Frank and Denise stopped by for a few beers. Great time visiting and before we knew it the band was setting up. We snagged a front table and enjoyed a few sets of country music.
We left about 7 and went home for warm clothes for the Moonfire on the beach. The Parrot Head "head" always gathers wood and gets things started. It was very windy, but fun. Met some new folks and visited with Javiar, Susan and Carlie.
Monday I shopped in Corpus with Bev and Mary Ann. Academy was a treasure trove of $4.88 shirts. I even got a pink hoodie for that price! Flip flops too. Then Chick Fil A, then Bealls, $ Tree and HEB. Limeade at Sonic, a huge beach shop on Padre Island. Finally home at 4:30. Those gals are marathon shoppers. My feet got tired. Then there was a weinie roast at Mavis's place, then games at Dee and Tom's in town. I played Mexican Train and didn't suck as bad as usual, won 3 games, and was in the middle of the pack. Mostly.
Today I am resting, so far.
Interesting note: Dee and I both bought silver and tourquoise cuff bracelets in Cortez, Colorado, at a pawn shop. Mine in 1996, hers in 1999. It was weird that we even thought of it at the same time. We both had sad feeling about buying them and someone had to sell them.