Thursday, March 25, 2010

Seniors Go Wild on Spring Break

Shirlene and J

campfire Shirlene, Mavis, Tamalin, Arvin and Elnora

Rick and Shirlene's grands

Emery eating

Lou, me and Paul and Pat

Lou, Paul and Pat

Mavis and Elnora from Canada. Just out of the water.
Rick and Shirlene were having a beach fire cook out, grand kids were visiting. Mavis was laughing and suddenly through the crowd I saw a flash of leg and her shorts hitting the ground. And bam she was off for the ocean. I was, wow. She had to go bad. And then she was in the water. I was relieved to see she had a bathing suit under her clothes. Elnora decided she had to join Mavis in the ocean. It was calm and beautiful. What fun. Mavis loves a joke and she punked us all. You had to be there, it was very funny. She is coming for a visit in Michigan this summer with Eileen.
Photos by Rick Sheward


julie said...

Mavis is my idol, how funny! I will have to remember to try that someday.

mavis said...

Thank you Julie....Was just showing Marjie's blog to my daughter and we got a good laugh over this pix, what a fun time, looking forward to doing it again.