Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dinner At That Orange Place


Paul and me.

Shirlene, Mavis and Wendy

Me, Shirley and Shirlene

Rick, Mike and Emery

So this is the last week for Mavis, Wendy and Mike. Mavis wanted to try someplace new for shrimp. Paul and I had friends who liked the orange place on the road to the ferry. This would be 12 mile, glow in the dark orange. They sell fresh seafood, bait and dinners. We had a great time, the shrimp was good, the gumbo was good, the shrimp po'boy was good. The flounder was fishy strong. Not so good. Might have had a fish/bait mix up there.

Then we stopped at the Dairy Queen for a Texas cone. Dairy Queen in TX is creamy and rich. In Michigan it is grainy and milky. It was delicious!

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