Monday, October 29, 2012

Elk in Canada

While up in Canada, west of the Soo, about 12 miles north of Iron Bridge, we saw the elk herd. We went to a certain road just before sunset.  The first night we saw about 5 in one field, and more kept walking through the fence line.  We went to the top of the hill and in the next field we saw a large herd.  Jimmy jumped up in the back of the truck and they started running away, that was very cool.  We were about 50 feet from them. It was pretty dark by then, we didn't get any good pictures.  The next night we saw a smaller herd, about a quarter of the size, and counted 45 elk cows and calfs.  I enjoyed the bull elks bugling. The second night there seemed to be 4 different bulls calling.   One with the herd, one laying down on a hill behind the herd, one to the far east, and one to the west.  Some were quite musical sounding.  Some were more manly.

This is from the first night, just part of the herd..

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wedding Weekend for Dunns

Andrea looking happy and pretty
Ellie enjoying a sunny day

The following photos are out of sequence, thanks to the new blogger softwear.  However, you can see how taking a picture with Julia in it is like herding cats.  The cat wins

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beautiful Fall

This has been the most beautiful fall I have ever seen, the drought made the leaves very bright.  The drought also made Lake Michigan drop 23 inches in a very short time.  Locals in Boyne City think the Army Corp of Engineers, or "someone" diverted water from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River.  The drop occurred in just 6 weeks this summer. It is very odd considering how much water is missing.

This is Vivian's resort, Sunset Shores on the east side of the lake.  We get a perfectly lit view when the sun is low in the west.

The big white barn on Herrick Road.  Nice contrast with the blue silos.
Trees by the garage.  Above, another Good Morning From God picture

Taking down the White Oak

Monday, October 1, 2012

OMG it's almost October

Foggy morning on the lake

Beautiful country road
Me and Beverly on a raggy Saturday
At the top of Boyne Mt. just off the chair lift, Roger and Beverly
Sean gets home from deployment in Africa
More misty lake
Julie's photo of Patrick and Emily on the second day of school.  Love the poses.

On the pontoon at Houghton Lake with Rick and Sandy.