Friday, January 8, 2010

Football and Food

Well, we have been up to running around with friends, visiting, laughing, eating interesting foods. Went to an excellent Chinese Buffet this week and last night went to a local place on the pier, Fins, that has family style fish and seafood. The shrimp was excellent, great nachos and fries and hush puppies. A good, peppery, cole slaw. Today we will have happy hour at Mavis's trailer. She has a large park model. She is so much fun. She playes Texas Hold 'Em poker with the big boys here.

Having lots of friends seems to be the key to happiness. And trying new things and being active too. We are enjoying our friends that come here every other year. Ken is retired military and retired teacher. Lyn had an organice garden business. Love them, there are so many nice people in the world.

It got down to 30 degrees this morning. It isn't supposed to be below freezing, being surrounded by water here. Oh well. Pretty windy, 25 mph, so no walk today. Tropical islands aren't supposed to be this cold.

We have been watching bowl games. Yesterday we walked into Bernie's and Mr. and Mrs. B had on their Texas sweat shirts. Paul pulled up his jacket and showed them his CMU shirt, they cheered! Everyone loved the game. What a good showing Central made. I am a long horns fan. Wore their hat on the trip north and a porter at the airport gave me the hand sign. Fun to flip it back. Football in TX is the other religion.

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