Sunday, January 24, 2010

Busy Saturday

This is a pic of us at the Pelican Club on Sunday. Pics are downloading very slowly. Will try to catch up.
We started with a walk on the beach, having nice weather finally. At 1:30 William and Mary Ann picked us up and we went to Bernie's to meet Lyn and Ken and their friends, Diane and hubby. Richard the bartender made potato clam chowder, which was wonderful. By 3:30 we were at the Gaff to watch the Belt Sander Races, and eat a piece of pizza. Good fun and lots of folks we know there.

It was still nice and sunny out so we went to the park to watch the dolphins. The shipping channel was so calm, very pretty. Might have gotten a good dolphin pic. Will post it eventually.

Then we checked out the Pelican Club, we want to eat there for our anniversary on Sunday. Monday is 41 years married. Their fish entrees make my mouth water just to read the menu; fresh lump crab and fresh flounder (?) on angel hair pasta with parm and grilled asparagus and some other stuff. Yum.

Then we went to Shorty's, the "oldest and friendliest bar on the island," owned by Miss Rose. William and Mary Ann hadn't been there before. It was a lot cleaner than in the past. Probably because Lynn works there and she is into clean. The ceiling is all ball caps, which used to drip with dust bunnies. Now they are dusted. Lots of kitch all over. Very interesting. Mary Ann takes pics all the time, I will post some of her's.

Then we went to Kody's for dinner. Wm and MA hadn't been there either. Susan and Javiar were sitting at the bar after eating. Good to see them again. We had the fried shrimp. And cole slaw and fries. That is the best place! So clean and fast and fresh. And a big menu.

And then Mary Ann hit the wall, and I was ready for pjs too. Back to the park.

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