Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another Beautiful Day

Part of the tunnel of trees from Harbor Springs to Cross Village. There are at least twice as many houses on this road than the last time we were on it, maybe 7 years ago, maybe less. Make that great big houses.

Paul and Marjie

Mike and Jen at the Charlevoix Harbor.

We started our day with a drive to Charlevoix today. Beautiful. Many charming houses. We did some shopping and ate at the Weathervane, on the river. The special for lunch was chicken breast stuffed with roasted chestnuts and dried cherries, with a puff pastry coating and a light sauce. Dutchess potatoes, like twice baked, and asparagus. It was heavenly.

Jen and Mike left for home from Charlevoix and we scouted around for some Hobbit Houses, or as they are know in that area, Mushroom houses. They are curvy flowing roofs, lots of stones in the construction and a great deal of creative whimsy. Links to articles on these sites, very interesting. I will have more on this subject later.

http://www.interestingideas.com/roadside/charlevoix/index.html pics of all the houses!



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