Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More Weekend Hilarity

During our campfire Saturday night the subject came around, as it often does, to Brenda's pierogi's (but spelled Latvian style). And being so nice she quickly offered to make some, or maybe it was the vodka. No matter, the end result was we all had breakfast on her deck and the pierogi's were the best ever. She didn't have ham and bacon, so she chopped up some pork chops and sausage, and sauteed them with onion for the filling. And she and Pete pulled some fresh strawberries and melon out of their, um , refrigerator, and it was a lovely brunch. Followed by another beautiful boat ride. Followed by grilled hamburgers, etc. Finally, the survivors fell into a stupor and just floated in tubes on the lake. It was great. We had so many laughs and some really interesting conversations this weekend. Love our neighbors!

Pic of Krista and Steff, and the party barge, Brenda and Pete, and the sunset on Sunday night from the party barge. John, Tony and Paul after the potluck eating frenzy. Had some great conversations about WWII, etc, between the history prof and the history major, and the history buff, and John, who fought in it. Always interesting.


Stephanie said...

Krista brought the fruit.
That's an awful photo of me.
I hope it was the vodka...

Marjie said...

I thought it was a great pic but I changed it to make you happy.