Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We are so lazy

Spent the day exploring, went up to Petosky and sat in the park by the lake. Thought about taking a walk. Pretty much too lazy to make the effort. Then we moved farther up the lake and got out to watch the salmon moving up stream. Walked out on the jetty, or whatever it is. Came home and Paul grilled filet. Yum. Another pic for my grand kids. Anna told Julie that she wants Grandma Marjie to come and visit with her motor home. So she can go it in. Still, the kid has good taste! Speaking of which, stopped at a farm market and bought some wonderful tomatoes and Honey Crisp apples. They sure grow good food up here.
We stopped at Whitney's in Charlevoix again today. Had wonderful Bloody Mary's, they have a shrimp in them and a dill pickle. They are well known for their Prince Edward Island oysters. And some people were enjoying them a lot.

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