Thursday, September 18, 2008


Last night we were at the Rockwood Bar in Farwell with friends. Paul told Lance, an ex - 45 year old - student, about the ad. He said the word is flock, "what the flock." So we listened carefully as we watched last night's show, and yes, that is what it said. That is one ad that draws your interest!

We never watch the ads on TV, we have TiVo, the greatest invention of all time. However, during a Jay Leno show the other night Paul noticed this ad for POM Ice coffee. It was an office break room setting, young men dressed as sheep and talking, one sheep takes a swig of this drink and his eyes bug out, the other two say "What the fuck!" Isn't this one of those famous seven words? It even gets bleeped on the comedy channel. We have seen it now on several different Leno shows. We get that network, NBC ?, out of New York, for the hi def on our Direct TV. We have no doubt that is what we are hearing, we can read lips too. Learned that skill watching sports on TV. Is this odd or what? Katie, watch Jay for us!

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