Friday, September 5, 2008

Computer Update

My Dell needs the os reinstalled. And Dell's don't come with a backup disc. The repair guy wanted $90 to do it. I am doing it myself, I did my other computers several times. Instead of reinstalling with the disc, now you back up to an older version. Did it once, need to go farther back. First I have to buy some CD-RW discs and save what I have that I want to keep. If that doesn't resolve the problem with the usb port and my cell phone connection I will just get a new laptop. Once these problems start, it is a slippery slope. Lately I have had nostalgic feelings about my old HP computer. The photo softwear and and cd burner softwear was so much friendlier. So much of the new softwear makes all of the decisions for you. I know what I want, it isn't what they want.

What is your favorite computer? Need ideas and suggestions.

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