Saturday, September 20, 2008

Better Fish to Fry

So here we are up at Boyne Mt., the real up north. We are in a different row of condos this year and it is decorated differently, our room apparently in a cherry tree theme. The living area has leaves, etc, in pale greens, and the walls are a much brighter celery color. Sounds bad, but looks very nice.

Roger and Beverly are here with us, they are always fun. First thing we checked out the Eagle's Club in Boyne City. It is right across the road from Lake Charlevoix, a great view of the lake. Bev introduced me to her favorite drink, Malibu Rum and diet Vernors. It is a coconut rum, very yummy. Since this was our first time there, we got our second drinks free. We had the nicest waitress, we asked if anyone had a fish fry tonight. She sent us to the Boyne River Inn, they have an all you can eat fish fry. Since Bev and I each had two drinks, we had to eat right away. So we find this little bar with a big line of hungry folks waiting to get in. What does Paul spy but an almost empty bar, so we snake in and snag some seats. Not too easy to eat at the bar for two short women, but we do ok. Not only is it all you can eat, but it is served family style. Very cool, big bowl of coleslaw, tarter sauce, lemons, and then two big baskets of fish and another of fries. There were a few fries left at the end. Very good meal. Highly recommend it, and the menu looks good for other food too. They have a nice deck overlooking the river too. Our waitress there was also the bartender. She was amazing, a blur of motion. Excellent all around.

Golf today, I will take my camera!

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