Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Long, Long Week

So my week was moving along well, Monday we went to GR and saw a house with Steff, then Artprize, a long and tiring day.

Tuesday I was in the cleaning groove, organizing the back office room when Paul got a phone call, it  was Larry, they were up north and would be here in 8 hours.  Eight pm.  And being a man he didn't ask if they will eat with us, not that much was planned, so we decided to grill hot dogs and we would have them to warm up.  I just had no other thought, if you make a big meal, they would have already eaten,  I would !   

This story is getting too long .... anyway put all the junk in the back room, clean the house, Paul cleaned the cottage and vacuumed spiders and made a bed.  Took heaters over as it was damp and cold.  They come, eat hot dogs and talk and we drop into bed.  Go out for lunch the next day and Pam and I shop and Paul and Larry do manly visiting.  Doing good, Pam is happy and we are having fun.  Start feeling tired and weird on the way home.  Oh joy, go to bed, have the flu. 

They grill steaks and have a great dinner, the next morning I sit and visit from afar, they leave about 1.  A good visit.  I am tired and not getting much of anything done. It is Friday, Paul goes to deer camp, I get some food, sleep badly, and have to get up early Saturday morning.   

Lisha went to the work at 8 am to try to fix my hair color before we leave for the wedding at 10, when Roger and Beav pick us up to drive to   Battle Creek, where Roger's family lives.  Paul thought my hair was red and I admit, it was not my regular, or a good color.   She bleached my hair, it is much more normal looking.

So, a long day of nervous friends, good cake, with Roger's very Southern Baptist, non drinking family.  Lovely people, his 80 year old brother in law, a retired minister, married them and we stood up with them.  Bev and I wore slacks because she didn't want his sisters to see her tattoos.  It is always fun to see other families dysfunction.   Normal does not exist.  Just shades of weird.   Just to be clear, I am very fond of the Weekley family, the minister is amazing and not a wimpy guy, it is easy to see how he became so successful.  His sisters and brother were so happy to see Roger get married, and save his poor abused sole.   Very cool.  Amazing cake.

So we leave with a side trip to his sister and minister's condo on a lake.  Very Victorian with stuff everywhere.  After we left I told Roger that his sister lives in a bordello.   Headed for a nearby Eagle's club  Got free drinks, it was rowdy in there!  Bev almost danced on the table   and it is a good thing no one found a good song on the juke box for a lap dance.  Apparently we needed more than cake to eat.  Bev and I only had one drink.  I blame the cake.

Got home at 10 with Paul driving and Roger snoring in the back seat.  Did I mention he was nervous?  They stayed in the cottage, a clear stary night in the 30s, great sleeping.

Now on Monday, we have 3 appointments between us, and the house is still tore and laundry is not done, and we want to leave for camping up north asap on Monday afternoon.   Meeting friends someplace and gone as long as the sun shines.  Take lots of underwear.

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