Monday, October 26, 2009

Rainy Weekend Redo

Sunday we drove up to Houghton Lake Moose Club to meet Roger and Bev. We were going crazy from cabin fever. It was only 3 hours and Paul was tired after. Not quite back to normal yet. We played steak bingo. The bingo cards are three playing cards taped together, and they used a deck of cards to call out numbers. It only takes three to win. Roger, Bev and Paul are lucky folks, and Bev is the only one of us that won. The table next to us, of three older couples, won more than half the games, 11 steaks and two roasts. I kept thinking that I should go sit my myself so my back luck wouldn't rub off on them.

Yes, that was our big weekend. There was a half hour or so of sunshine on Sunday morning.

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