Thursday, January 31, 2008

Windy Beach Day

Hey from Port Aransas, Texas
I have been thinking of creating a blog for some time, but I have this fear of committment. Then I met Len, our neighbor at Pioneer RV Park, and his blog is very cool. Then Julie, my daughter, started a blog. And I found out it is free. The magic words. So now my friends can just check my blog if they are interested in my travels instead of being swamped by my long emails.

A little background music. Paul and I just celebrated 39 years of marriage. Retired and traveling in a motor home for 4 years. We have 4 grown up and successful, lovely, daughters, 3 handsome son-in-laws, and 5 superior grands. We live in the middle of Michigan, on a small lake. We winter in Texas on Mustang Island, just off of Corpus Christi. We love the beach.

Our claim to fame in Pioneer is we don't tow a car. We go everywhere in our motor home. Paul is a master driver. We go to the malls in Corpus Christi. He sits in the rig and does his newspaper puzzles. I shop. We go to the beach for the whole day. We have our own clean bathroom, cold beer, radio, a great view and lunch on demand. It is good. There is no place we can't find a parking spot.

When we get in after dark on a Saturday night and Ward and Michelle have a gathering of Texans on the corner, Paul just whips the rig around their golf carts as they cheer. He is good!

Beautiful sunny day in Port A. The wind was off shore and blowing off the tops of the waves. There is a new oil well going in, the three legged platform is in the background.

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