Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cookbook News

We have been pretty cool here in Michigan and I have been enjoying baking and cooking, so much easier to do in the house than in the motor home. Yesterday I wanted to make muffins for breakfast. Couldn't find a recipe I liked, had several cookbooks spread out in the kitchen and chose one from my old Better Homes and Garden's Cookbook. In fact, it might have been Aunt Katie's book. Anyhow, when comparing recipes I noticed that for a dozen muffins in the old book I needed 2 tablespoons of sugar while the newer books called for a half cup of sugar for a dozen.

They were good, not overly sweet but when you add butter and jelly, who can complain? Later I saw an article in a woman's magazine that you cut calories if you use cookbooks from before the 1970s. Newer cookbooks have up to 63% more calories. Older cookbooks use real full fat butter, meat and eggs, but smaller amounts and have smaller servings. They used the Joy of Cooking to do this comparison. My version is 1974 and had the lesser amount of sugar.

Ha! the conspiracy to make America fat continues.


Stephanie said...

Talking conspiracies?
Who is this??
You should check out the bran muffin recipe in the cookbook I gave you. It could be cut down by at least 1/4, because she saves batter to make fresh muffins for weeks. They are seriously the best muffins of all time, and you make some mean muffins.

Stephanie said...

I meant to mention it's on page 31.

Marjie said...

That is just what I need, I will look it up. Nothing like a morning muffin.

I have some serious conspiracy ideas, just keep them hidden.