Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fireworks Friendly!!

While sad to see Jeff's Basswood tree hit the dust during the storm on Sunday, we will now have a much better view of the fireworks from our campfire. That "every cloud has a silver lining" thing. The winds were 40 + mpr, and it poured rain. I watched the wave of water slide down the cottage roof, when it reached the edge of the roof, instead of falling to the ground the wind blew it up and over the roof. Amazing to watch gravity and wind fight it out.

Speaking of wind and gravity, said tree had 3 large roots going sideways instead of down, to the north, east and west. The south lake side had no roots, so over it went.

All the rain has kept the lake algae down and the water is very warm, 85 degrees?? Just walk in and enjoy. Last year we got in the lake 5 times it was so cold. This is much better!

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