Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fall Is In the Air

Our days are hot and humid, but if I wear my bathing suit I don't need the air on, about mid day I draw the blinds in the living room and let the breeze bat them around. When the sun hits the west side of the house I shut those windows and the blinds and trap the morning cool. I am up early this morning, it is cool at night and good sleeping. Now it is still and warm, the lake is hazy. A goose is making a racket on the lake and a jay is squawking in the woods. Crickets are a constant hum. The Rose of Sharon tree is in full bloom as are my mom's hibiscus and daisies. We wait until 5 pm to go swimming, it is too hot in mid day. By late afternoon the clouds build and flirt with the sun, sometimes we have a storm. This is the most beautiful summer we have had in years. Everything has bloomed in extreme, the blueberries are perfect, looking forward to apple season.

There is a rhythm and beauty to August days that is different than any other summer month, more appreciated for their brevity and and a sense that summer is ending soon.

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Stephanie said...

It's been the hottest summer. Even Lake Michigan is warmer than the air. Can't wait to come swim again soon, hopefully before I bring my group with me.