Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Deer Hunting

Paul got home from deer camp at noon on Tuesday. He saw many deer, but the largest was only a 4 point. Not big enough to shoot. He can get that size right behind our garage. In fact, Squeak was hunting in his blind there and got a doe, a spike and a 6 point. He has a picture of an 8 point on the trail cam, but he only comes late at night.

However, he had lots of guy fun. Which is the whole point of deer camp. I wouldn't mind some good venison for hamburger and filets, and he will probably get a deer for meat.

I stayed home and ate frozen Marie Callender and Boston Market. In my opinion, Boston Market is the best. Oh, the hot lava cake in the butter section of the supermarket is pretty good too.

It is gray and cold here, not much sun today. Baby Boy Sens has been cooperative and didn't interrupt deer season, next hurdle is Thanksgiving, then we can make a run to NY.

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