Monday, May 16, 2011

Shout Out

I was just looking at my Sitemeter stats and am surprised at all the hits I had this week. I never get any comments so I figure my girls read it and maybe my brother Dave, and some random folks who hit the "next" button. There are a lot of hits from the same areas.

I see lots of hits from Mt. Pleasant, always some from Holland, MI, I know Heather looks in from Belgium, but who from Grenaa, Arhus? Edmore, MI? Monroeville, PA? I would love to know and to read your blog. Anyway, I appreciate your interest and hope you are entertained by my pictures and stories.

In case anyone missed Paul's video of the Bald Eagle trying to snag ducks doing it in the lake, I have downloaded it. It is on face book. He didn't know how to do video with the camera, it is very short. Neither of us knew it had audio also, Steff mentioned it and yes, there it was.

I have been feeling crummy the past few weeks, allergies and what not. Took antibiotics and they make me feel worse. Oh the joys of spring. Half thinking it is the shock of coming from a warm and moist climate and lots of fun to cold and dry Clare. No fun comments here.

Paul has taken many bird pics, mostly on dreary,rainy days, since that is the only time he sits and looks out the window at the feeder. I will edit them and get some on the blog soon. Today is sunny, I am hopeful we get some shots. This year our female Orioles seem smaller and the males are so orange, when their wings are spread out, for a landing on the feeders, the entire back is orange with two black triangles of wing. Very pretty.

A shout out and thanks to all you who stop in regularly, I would love the occasional comment from you. I feel that my blog is a diary of our retirement and to keep the kids updated. As Julie says, she hasn't had to bail us out of jail yet. And we are thankful for that and now we know who to call.

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