Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Breakast Entertainment

In front of our condo a subdivision of huge beach houses is going up.  We were entertained by the metal roofs being put on, the cement work, and most exciting, this guy walking along the scaffolding on the third floor porch area .   No safety belt, no ropes, no net.  He could have been walking on the ground instead of a wobbly 2 x 4.  He just walked, reached up to adjust something, or to the side or under the roof line.

One of the houses right in front - but not blocking our views yet, is rented for next winter already. Two bedrooms, garage, washer and dryer, etc.  For $1,800 a month. They are all duplex at least.  The 3 story we don't know about yet . 

This area is having a huge building boom, due to the oil and gas industry boom.  During the MLK weekend people were all over the area looking at lots, measuring, taking pictures.  Javier and Susan just sold their lot. Massive houses going up at Cinnamon Shores, where the Coastal Living Idea house is.

Emery and Shirley have rented a 5 bedroom home that was finished last May. The owner has already made $33,000 in rentals. 

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