Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Majestic Redwoods

We traveled down 101 from Washington State to Oregon to California.  In northern California we headed into the state and national Redwood Parks.  We had been seeing the trees for awhile, off and on, we couldn't get into one park because motor homes were not allowed, not enough room.  The size of the trees is a stretch of my imagination, massive comes to mind.  I felt like a very small child.

The top photo is the top of the Big Tree, Paul is standing in front of the bottom of the tree. The height of the tree is 304 feet, diameter is 21.6, circumference

is 66 feet.  Age is estimated at 1,500 years.
This is a cathedral  group of trees.  Redwood trees tend to grow in groups, After many years some groups seem to become one huge tree.  And some place I have that photo! In the tall ferns and trees I had to make myself look bigger!

I have always wanted to see the tree where the cars can drive through it.  A result of a very early memory of seeing a photo from the 1940s.  This is a different tree, but still pretty amazing. The original tree tunnel is farther south in California.  We were surprised to be driving through Redwood Groves as far south as, not surprisingly, Redwood Valley, and east a bit too.  It seems they were everywhere.  Things you don't know when you live in Michigan! They are magical
                                          Generally, lush ferns accompany the Redwood trees.

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