Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Beach Walk Living

Beachwalk is a very interesting neighborhood. Everything is new and cottage like. Some are very large homes that look like Grandma's farm house, with big screened porches both upstairs and down. Narrow little streets, no sidewalks, yards are wild flowers, lilies and sea grass. Most houses are gay cottage colors. The only grass to be seen anywhere is in one of the parks.

The only thing I dislike about our house is the ceramic tile kitchen floor. It kills my legs and feet. The outside color is a soft burnt orange, and all the inside walls are painted the same, in a darker tint. Very soothling and calm. The granite counter tops are black with burnt orange/brown in it.

It is a good walk to the beach, but not a problem. The problem is walking down, swimming and playing for hours, and then walking up the dune to the board walk. Up the hill to the road. Ugh. Of course, after all that exercise there is no problem if we have ice cream cones and cookies for dessert.

The girls love the lake, Julia really loved kicking and splashing. Lake Michigan is beautiful and clean, no sharks or jelly fish or anything toxic or biting. We all love swimming in it. The first days were wavy, and we really enjoyed that. I suspect that today will be smooth swimming.

On Tuesday, Andrea, Ryan, Charlie and Julia left for a vacation in Wisconsin. Sounds like a fun place. Ryan won it at work. Charlie and Julia woke up early every day, not used to sleeping in the same room with mom and dad. Same for Patrick. Julie and Andrea got some early walks in.

Today Julie and Sean have some friends from med school coming for the last two days. Lots of fun.

Aunt Stephanie has been entertaining the girls very well. She brought lots of clothes for the Amerian Girl dolls. And coloring kits, and games. Patrick is the perfect little brother, loves to chew on the doll shoes. He is walking around the coffee table and getting 4 new teeth on top. He is really a happy baby and easy to entertain, fun to tickle him.

Paul says the bed here is so comfortable, he has never slept so good. Might have something to do with all the swimming, walking and fresh air. Whatever, it is great! This is such a fun vacation, the lake is great, we get tons of grand kids time having fun and playing.

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