Thursday, August 21, 2008

Over the Bored

I am so over the bored portion of August. I met my sister in Mt. P on Wed, we had a nice lunch at the Traverse City Pie Company and shopped at Kohl's. Good fun.

Then we went on a road trip with Woody and Marti. In Beal City we had 2 hamburgers, 2 beers, onion rings and french fries for $10 and change. Very good burgers and all. Toured the area, Lake Isabella, Coldwater, Lake, Weidman and the lakes there. Checked out the bar in Weidman.

Today I am shopping in Bay City with Shirley, and Paul and I are taking the GTO to Clare tonight. A classic car cruise is going through town as part of the Old US 27 Historic Car Cruise. Should be 400 cars at least. We might join them for Friday's drive up to Grayling.

And, yes, I am getting the sewing/computer room reorganized. When we redid the living room last winter, all the stuff got put in this room. We used to have a long wall of shelves and storage with the big TV. It held a lot of stuff. Now I am tossing things stored in the laundry room and bathroom for this winter's projects. Even the cleaning products stack up.
We had a beautiful, misty sunrise over the lake this morning. Photo taken at 6:265 am. I wish I could figure out how to avoid long vertical lines of letters down the side of my photos. Sorry about that.


Andrea said...

Don't worry-the letters don't show up on my screen. The entry is all below the picture.

Stephanie said...

Select your photo to be in the center and not on the left or right.
Beautiful photo by the way!!
I miss those sunrises.