Thursday, September 3, 2009

Glorious Weather and Baby Chicks

This week is almost nice enough to forgive all the cold rainy days we have had this summer. It is sunny and the sky is impossibly blue, due to the very low humidity. Our days are in the 70s and nights in the 40s. Perfect for sleeping and accomplishing a lot.

Ken was here on Tuesday night, we cooked steaks, and Bob, Priscilla and son were here for dinner Wednesday night. We beer can grilled one of their home grown chickens. It got a smokey flavor from grilling.

Priscilla raises chickens on their farm down the road. One of the banty hens, a type of half sized chicken, hatched out 12 tiny chicks early this week. She did not lay all the eggs, lately all the hens are laying in one spot. She is an excellent little mother, and has managed to keep nine of them alive. They follow here like a little cloud of fluff. I didn't manage to get a pic of all the chicks.

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