Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shopping Week

This has been a busy week of shopping in Corpus Christi and having fun in bars. On Tuesday I went with Merna, Anita and Deb to Corpus to shop for the table decorations for the park fashion show. We had a lot of fun. Got some great flip flops and tops at Academy. Can't remember what else. That must have been the highlight.

On Wednesday, we went to CC with Roger and Beverly. Once again, Academy was the best stop. Paul got some very cool shirts. Big sales as always. We ate at Bubba's Ice House. I had the Chicken Fried Steak, yes it is the best in town.

Thursday, I had my hair done by Heidi. The color is perfect. Paul loves it, just the same color as when I was so much younger. Nice style and cut too, better before I got caught in the rain. Then we all went dancing. See previous blog.

On Friday Beverly drove Mary Ann and I to CC for more shopping. We did good and didn't get lost and she parks that long truck very nicely!! I would say that this time Cavender's Boot Store was the highlight. We all want cowboy boots and that was the start of our search. Mary Ann found some she likes, Deb found a pair of bright colored cowboy rain boots, with roses and skulls on them, for riding the motorcycle. They are perfect for her. I didn't find anything that fit, but it is a good start. This started when we saw this girl in the bar in a sundress and boots. (A common enough look down here, quite charming actually.) She had just gotten them for her 25th birthday. They were the perfect boots. I should have just gone over there and found out the maker and where she got them. Oh well. The search is on. We also went to Jasons Deli and the store next door that has all the jewelry making supplies, and jewelry of course! Then we found some stuff at Cato's and Bealls.


Unknown said...

Fun day out with you and Beverly!
I haven't done that in a long time.
Thanks! :-)

julie said...

Frye's makes some good boots I hear. Heather says they are super comfy.

Marjie said...

The Justin boots didn't seem to fit me. I will lookfor Frye. Thanks