Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bud's in Town

See the dalmatian on top of the wagon

There are 8 horses in the team, hard to get back far enough to fit them all in. Paul took the photos and did a good job.

We sat in the Bird and waited for them to drive by. Me, Marge Shepherd, Jen Linsday, Paul, John Shepherd, Mike Linsday and Kathy Bently.

Fabiano Brothers is celebrating it's 125 year of providing beer, wine and liquor to the northern part of Michigan. They moved mountains and in just a few months got the Budweiser team to come, usually you have to reserve them 2 years in advance. The appeared at the new warehouse and headquarters in Bay City, and in Mt. Pleasant where they were up until recently.

This group of mostly retired teachers decided the Bird Bar was a great place to celebrate the visit. When we started going to the Bird, 1973, we enjoyed the peanuts and beer, and brought the babies with us. Seems like we broke up after Peg D. died. And it is difficult to take 3 kids to a bar. Unseemly, perhaps. So we had a great time and had burgers with coleslaw on them, pizza, etc. Paul and I got there early and sat down at a big table and enjoyed visiting with college students. Like in Texas, meet new folks.

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