Monday, May 31, 2010

Steve, Brennan, big bass, Matthew

Jeff teaching the kids how to clean fish

Jeff took Steve and Brennan fishing

Marjie and Amanda

Paul and Sarah having some teacher talk

Amanda, Ellery, Nola and Bridget roasting Koegel hot dogs

Amanda, Tony and Virginia

Tony, Amanda and Marjie and hot dog!

Sunday night was, once again, perfect for a campfire. We roasted hot dogs and made S mores and visited. Jeff took Steve and Brennan out on a successful evening fishing trip and then gave lessons on how to scale and clean a fish. We have all been neighbors since the mid 80s, watching our kids grow up and enjoying the grand kids, and seeing Jeff pass on his extensive fishing knowledge is one more link in the chain. Very much a family feeling here on the lake.

We spent hours in the tubes yesterday and I ache everywhere. My hands feel like lobster claws from paddling around. The lake was fairly quiet in spite of the 88 degree, sunny day, a symptom of the Michigan's terrible economy. In the past it would have been full of families in their boats.

We made beer can chicken for dinner. Turned out perfect, just like the whole weekend.

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