Thursday, December 23, 2010

Best Wednesday

Javiar, Carlie and Susan at the Carole Sing

JJ, Carlie, Javiar and Paul

Richard, the best bartender ever, has some new toys. He says he has the best job, he gets to go to work and shoot the customers. Javiar and I love the Nerf machine guns. We were looking at them at Academy and didn't think they would go over very well as grandkid gifts but would be fun at the lake.

Then we took the golf cart to the Munoz home and decorated it with a lot of masking tape and do dads. Everyone except me rode in the parade. I had the van and went to Robert's Park to take pictures. Some very nicely decorated carts. Had to have lights to win and we didn't have time to figure out that. Several had little generators on board.

At the park there was free hot coco and cookies and Christmas Carole's sung. Very nice and the first time ever for this event. It raised money for the Food Bank.

Nice weather again, I love it, but it makes me worry about the payback. Had a beach walk and a long phone call with my sister.


julie said...

Patrick managed to get a nerf 6 shooter at the grocery store yesterday. I had to give in after he begged for the Lightning McQueen car that you ride in. Last time I take him to that grocery store, argh. So now all of them are begging to use the gun and 5 of the bullets are stuck up on a high ledge over the front door. Now we at least have something to show Patrick's friend next time he comes over and asks where all our weapons are.

Marjie said...

They are so fun

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas!
- Mary Ann and William