Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

Grandma and Lane snuggled in the quilt that I made him.

After a wonderful week cuddling new baby Lane, we headed home on Friday morning. The usual bad weather was coming in and we wanted to make it past the lake effect area of Pennsylvania and Ohio. Didn't quite work as planned, wet roads and snow for hundred of miles, before we broke into the sun setting in a blue sky near Lake Erie. Paul drove most excellently and we saw more rigs with wheels side up in the median. We arrived at Cyndi and Wy's about six pm. It was good. We had a great visit.

Got home at 3 on Saturday, good weather, hooked up the trailer to the motor home, started packing up for our great escape. OOPS there is a blizzard coming. And the refrigerator in the motor home isn't working. We only have scraps of food left in the house, and it snowed all night. Not too windy yet. The 40 mph gusts will come later and continue into Monday. We were wakened at 5 am by the power going out, the handy "touch" lamps by our bed blinking on and off and the talking alarm clock gently buzzing.

Which is why I am up so very early, almost too early to start on the Chocolate Covered Potato Chips from the Alps Sweet Shop near Katie's in NY.

So listening to Christmas music in between the weather channel hoping to find a break in the weather to skate through to Texas, sunshine and beach.

Girls, no more winter babies. Andrea, you are excluded from this ban, this time. Just kidding, mostly. They are all very nice babies.

Chocolate covered potato chips are great, crunchy, salty and a vegetable.

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