Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Dairy Queen - Why I love Port A

We went to Bernie's for dancing, the Port A Rockers play on Thursday night. We stayed till 8 and I ran into the Dairy Queen on the way home. It is so typically Port Aransas, you don't want to be in a hurry. The folks in front of me in line came back up to have some more Butterfinger pieces in their Blizzard. The next group had a milk shake and Blizzard. I ordered a Turtle Blizzard, alas, they were out of pecans. The guy in front of me wanted that too, but he got a Truffle Blizzard. So did I. All was discussed in great detail by everyone. Great people watching.

The counter girl was teaching the cook how to make Blizzards. They both looked like high school students, and she was a pretty good teacher. Put a metal cup collar in the cup, add a lot of vanilla Dairy Queen, then a scoop of cocoa syrup, then get some truffle candies from the freezer. Stick the cup into the whipper thingie. Then she checked it and then he did it a bit more. Then tada, I finally had it! They gave me two spoons and I didn't even have to ask. Guess I mentioned that my husband would eat half of it. Once or twice.

So I get back into the car and we start eating it, Paul asks if we can put this in the freezer thinking we couldn't eat it all. No need to worry about the freezer problem. It was so delicious and creamy we made it gone. Dairy Queen is so good down here, all smooth and rich and creamy, not grainy and watery like up north.

Going in for treats there is like a step back into the 1960s, you have to love it.

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